HELP! I'm Longing For More

Let me start with this question. What was your physical reaction in the days after you were first saved?For many of us when we first felt Him call, tears of repentance flowed, most likely with head hung down realizing the enormity of our sins, but what about after? What about that moment when Jesus said YOU'RE FORGIVEN. My blood has made you clean. I call you daughter. I call you son. I call you redeemed. You are loved. I'll never leave you. In that time you feel light. All the burdens are lifted and the chains fall off. It's great EUPHORIA.

I've learned that though this is how many of us feel, few physically reacted to how we were feeling. Maybe you felt like dancing, rejoicing, praising, maybe the joy was so strong you felt like laughing and shouting. But most of us for one reason or another knew this was "inappropriate" behavior. CONTAIN YOURSELVES.

For years the church has told its people that religion is not supposed to be emotional, but lets be honest your an emotional being... And so is God. He loves with a love that burns, Zephaniah says He rejoices over you with singing (the word rejoices there means to spin wildly), psalms says He sits in the heavens and LAUGHS, it says in His presence is fullness of JOY.

Let me set you free today. It is okay to have an emotional outburst about how GOOD OUR GOD IS! It's not abnormal for the Christian to feel an OVERWHELMING, UNCONTAINABLE, love that causes tears, laughter, dancing, shouting, singing. David said RESTORE TO ME THE JOH OF MY SALVATION. Oh yes this was the warrior king who danced wildly and unashamedly before his God because He was lovesick for the creator of the universe.

Winnie Banov read out of S.O.S where one translation says "HELP! I'm longing for more, but I don't think I can handle any more!" What was the lover saying? I'm so overwhelmed with the love of my lover that I feel as though I might BURST.

This morning at 6 am in South Africa I woke up lovesick once again. I was trying to be quiet as I know others are sleeping, but my heart was bursting in my chest. OH LORD I REMEMBER WHEN YOU SAVED ME. I REMEMBER HAVING NO HOPE. I REMEMBER HAVING PAINS, INSECURITIES, FEAR OF MAN, NIGHTMARES! AND THEN YOU CAME AND MY LIFE HAS NEVER BEEN THE SAME! I want to shout, I want to dance, I'm trying to quietly sing to my Beloved OH I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU.

I'm here to tell you that God is restoring His bride to the JOY of their salvation. You may have been told it was "unholy" to have a little emotional outbursts about how God saved you, but I'm telling you IT'S OKAY. This army rising up is lovesick for the Jesus that Song of Solomon says "ravished her heart". Have you felt ravished lately? Be restored to the JOY of Jesus setting you free. Paul said I desire to know NOTHING but Jesus Christ and Him crucified. What more theology do you need? Because GOD LOVED ME, Jesus paid the price for me. Oh I am in love.

Be blessed, J. Tate