The Next Season! Rural-Awakening and Haiti

  background0204 copyWow! Wow! Wow! Has it really been almost two weeks since I've blogged? Almost a week since I've been home from youth camp? Almost two weeks since I left Africa? Time is flying. Lots of stories to tell you about what God is doing, but I guess I should start with my next step.

This past year has been, umm... an adventure. Teaching, Ministry, Missions, moving, traveling, and lots of change. As the school year came to a close I began to really seek the Lord's direction on what the next step was. There were many options and above all else I wanted to be obedient.

You all know that the greatest passion of my heart is Jesus Christ and touching the world with His beautiful, life changing, gospel. Every year I eagerly anticipate as God opens doors for me to travel and do missions, to minister, to do local outreaches, I love any and every opportunity to just talk about Jesus and share His love.

I have been offered the greatest opportunity to combine the things I love and call it a job.  Starting in August I will be working for a new organization titled "Rural Awakening". Rural Awakening will be a non-profit organization that believes God is awakening the body of Christ in the rural areas of the world. It desires to train up Godly leaders among this generation through schools and conferences. We believe God is raising up a generation of first responders who will respond to what God is doing around the globe. The second thing that Rural Awakening desires to do is bring the gospel outside of the walls of a church through local and foreign missions and aid. I am so excited to join with Pastor Mike Glazener as we begin to see Rural Awakening form and grow. I know God is doing something with this ministry.

To start off, Cornerstone Church will be helping by paying me a salary for Rural Awakening while it is a subsidiary to the church. We are working on finishing up the paperwork and things needed to make Rural Awakening an official non-profit with the IRS, but obviously that is not done over night.

You can still support all of my missions projects by making tax deductible donations payable to Rural Awakening. Instead of one big trip each year, Rural Awakening will be responsible for local and foreign outreaches, projects, missions, conferences etc. throughout the year. We are really looking for some faithful monthly givers who will get behind the vision of Rural-Awakening and help us advance God's kingdom here in America and around the world.

YES I ALREADY NEED YOUR HELP! I recently found out about a woman who is taking in children off the streets in Haiti. She has already adopted 15 and is schooling over 200 UNDER A TENT! The needs for this ministry are great and we are hoping to be as big of a help as possible. I'd really LOVE it if we were able to fund a well or a building or at least give her significant support to help with all that she is doing. She is literally saving lives on a daily basis. In September I will be taking a trip to Haiti to visit her ministry, help as much as I can, donate as much as I can, and assess what further steps we can take to help her. We are also hoping to put on a camp for her children sometime in the Spring.

To support Rural Awakening as we take on this project you can donate online through our youcaring site... or you can mail checks to: Rural Awakening 1693 HWY 146 Bypass Liberty, TX 77575

There will be many more projects in the future as Rural Awakening gets started. Some of these will be local in Liberty, in Texas, in places in the US, and some of these will be reaching out to the poorest nations in the world or WHEREVER God leads. Please consider donating monthly to what God is wanting to do through Rural Awakening.

I will be sending out one of my missions newsletters very soon, so be looking for more information there. Thank you for all that you do to support me and what God is doing in my life. You, your prayers, your support, your loyalty, in invaluable. Please continue to pray as we work diligently to begin Rural-Awakening and see it impact a generation.

Be Blessed, J. Tate

In case you are interested here is a current list of what Rural-Awakening is already planning:  Outpouring Conference in August 2013 Bible Studies in local schools- (Liberty, Dayton, Hardin, Hull Daisetta) Haiti Support Mission September 2013 Eastern Europe Mission October 2013 Local outreaches to needy families in Liberty county (Date is TBD) Haiti Camp Spring 2014 and MORE....

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE APART OF OR HELP RURAL-AWAKENING FILL OUT THIS FORM : [contact-form][contact-field label='Name' type='name' required='1'/][contact-field label='Email' type='email' required='1'/][contact-field label='Which would you like to help with?' type='radio' required='1' options='Haiti Support Trip September,Eastern Europe Trip October,Local Outreaches in the Fall,School Bible Studies,August Conference,School Bible Studies,Other'/][contact-field label='Comments or Questions? ' type='textarea'/][/contact-form]