Intimately Acquainted With the Love of Christ

I was blessed to be invited to go on vacation with my Cajun family who I became close to while I was a youth pastor in Louisiana. I have a few days in an amazing resort, on a beautiful beach, time to dive into God's Word and presence. Vacation is not when we spend less time with Him it's when we have the opportunity to spend MORE. Just like Jesus as He escaped to the mountain to spend time with His Father. We get to vacate from work, busyness, and distractions to quiet down and be intimate with our God. As I was spending time in the Mirror translation I came across this verse "I desire for you to become intimately acquainted with the love of Christ on the deepest possible level"

I have told many of you through email, text, conversation, and even this blog that God told me that He was restoring His bride to the JOY OF THEIR SALVATION. What can restore us to joy quicker than being intimately acquainted with the love of Christ?

As Paul desired this so do I, for all Christians to be INTIMATELY ACQUAINTED with the love of Jesus Christ. The cry of my heart is that I would become more and more intimately acquainted with my Beloved, my Savior, the One whom I long for, My Jesus who captivates me and beckons me, the One thing that I desire!

As we become intimately acquainted with Him and His love, our joy will be FULL and even OVERFLOWING, and in effect we will naturally love others.

It is the beautiful picture of the Gospel, His great love for us being fully received and then returned, producing in us great love for Him and others.

This kind of relationship with Him is the ultimate fulfillment. This causes the problems of the world to fade away and leaves you simply hungering for more of Him. Consumed with Him, His presence, His Word, every moment captivated with who He is. This type of relationship produces faithful witnesses. Everywhere we go we cannot help but boast in the cross of Jesus Christ the very truth of the Gospel flows out of us because we are captivated by His love for us and the world. This type of relationship produces grateful worshipers. Those who are so thankful for His love, mercy, grace, and salvation that spiritual songs and hymns are the very language we speak. This type of relationship baffles the world (and even some of the church) because it transforms His bride into a glorious, lovesick, captivated, grateful, bold, loving, joy filled, Word obsessed, unashamed, rejoicing, spectacle that He always wanted us to be.

I pray for us all to be even more intimately acquainted with the love of Christ on the deepest possible level. Be Blessed, I'm lovesick, overwhelmed, and consumed with the love of my Jesus, will you join me? J. Tate