My Beautiful God

I enjoy the presence of God so much while being outside in nature. I love the breeze or wind and am captivated by the beauty of His creation. This morning I'm sitting out watching the sun rise over the bay and I'm in awe again for about the millionth time this week. We serve a beautiful and majestic God. His creation cries out declaring who He is, Creator, Master, Lord, and also Father, Lover, Friend. There is none like Him in the heavens or on the earth. His magnificence is beyond our comprehension.

A friend on this trip with me is a worship leader who just returned from Bethel school of worship (don't you know I've had fun learning from her!). She told me about a study they did on how creation worships God. Crickets live a very short lifetime and as they slowed down the crickets song to a human "time" they actually sang out melodies. They've done studies with certain particles of sand that as you play worship music the sand moves into specific patterns. I could tell you story after story but Basically they have proved that CREATION IS WORSHIPING ITS CREATOR.

Day and night worship He receives from His Creation and here with my free will, what do I do? I WILL CHOOSE TO WORSHIP HIM!

As we open our eyes He is clearly seen all around us. Not just In the sunrise, the sunset, the mountains, the oceans, the wind (though those are my favorites) but in the trees, in my waking, in my sleeping, in my breathing, everywhere you look there are traces of words that God spoke at our very creation. As He said light be and it still is, as He created the animals and they are, as He breathed life into man and we are here, as He sent Jesus and we are justified. His words echo in this hungry heart many years after they were spoken.

Many times we are limited to see only that which we hunger to see. I want to see Him. I want to worship Him. I want to be ever conscious of Him. Every moment of every day and allow Him to guide my sight. God is on display in His creation, we have no excuse to ignore His constant presence. The question is have we looked to Him? He is here.

He is so worthy of constant praise and adoration. He is deserving of all I can give and MORE. What a God we serve! One of mercy and kindness that ENDURES FOREVER and so His praise shall ENDURE FOREVER.

Enter in to Him. David cried out in psalm 27 that there was only one thing He desired and that was to dwell in the courts of The Lord and behold His beauty forever. Oh if David could have what we have now! The very temple of the living God is WITHIN US. WE MAY DWELL IN HIS COURTS AND BEHOLD HIS BEAUTY EVERY MOMENT OF EVERY DAY. We have instant access. No sacrifice of goats, the blood of Jesus has already been shed! You are freely received into the very presence of God. You have full access! As I said a few days ago we are COHABITATORS in this body with the HOLY SPIRIT. I'm going to calm down and go back to worshiping now. I'll leave you with one thought.

The choice is ours wether we behold His beauty or choose to look at other things. Be blessed, J. Tate