That's Not Fair

I remember as a kid we always had some type of sports game going on with the neighborhood kids. We would play baseball, basketball, tennis, kickball, dodgeball, tag, street hockey, and anything else we found the materials to create or imagine. I personally was okay with using any means necessary to liven up the game for my own entertainment and of course to win. AKA: the rules of the game were more a recommendation rather than mandatory. This is not how my brother saw things. To my brother rules were necessary to ensure an equal and fair playing field. I would often get a lecture from him before the game started that if I was going to goof off, quit, or cheat then I shouldn't play and if I did start and cheat there was a good chance of a little brother/sister smack down following.

We hear kids say all the time "That's Not Fair"!! And let's be honest how many of us say or at least think these three words regularly?

I'm going to go out on a limb here and be real bold, this may shock some of you, it may devastate your world, but it's a truth that just must get out. Life Is Not Fair. (Gasp! Take a deep breath, it will be okay)

Yesterday as I was driving down the road a situation came to mind and as it did my first thought says, "that's just not fair". As usual anything that comes to mind becomes fair game for both my flesh and our Holy Spirit to try and address. This is why Corinthians says to take EVERY thought captive because if you don't hand it over to the Holy Spirit then your flesh will gladly share its point of view.

The Holy Spirit began to speak to me about fairness.

When I try to claim what is "fair" for myself the majority of the time my attitude is in DIRECT CONTRAST to what God says is love. "Love does not insist in its own way, it is not irritable, or resentful" "Takes no account of wrong suffered" One translation says "Isn't self absorbed or easily upset"

I realized that fairness becomes a vague picture in light of the Gospel In Matthew 20 the laborers received the same wages whether they had worked all day or just a few hours. THAT'S NOT FAIR. All through Acts as Paul and the disciples are beaten, whipped, imprisoned, or martyred. THAT'S NOT FAIR. As Jesus had to face being betrayed by judas one of his disciples and could do nothing in return. THAT'S NOT FAIR. As Jesus was beaten, spit on, trampled, and crucified. The perfect and Holy one condemned as a liar, a sinner, a blasphemer? THAT'S NOT FAIR As jessika gets to receive righteousness, favor, blessing, and eternal life as though she were the perfect one. THAT'S NOT FAIR... Wait. BUT.....

The next time we want to declare our rights, the next time we want to scream THAT'S not FAIR, look upon the bloody cross covered in the blood of the innocent Savior. That blood was shed so that "fair" was thrown out the window and buried in hell. Now it's not about fair it's about love and its about grace. It's not "fair" that the perfect One dies so that the imperfect could be accepted, redeemed, and justified.

Praise Jesus that He was not concerned with fair but rather overwhelmed with love.

As we've been forgiven unfairly so should we forgive others even if they are undeserving. As we've been given what we don't deserve so should we freely give what others don't deserve. As we were loved unselfishly so shall we love unselfishly, taking no account of the wrongs done to us, not self absorbed, not easily upset, not irritable, and not insisting on our own ways. As Jesus urged, Love our enemies, love our neighbors, love the brethren, forgive as weve been forgiven, laying our lives down for our friends, taking up our cross and dying daily.

Life isn't fair, and thank God otherwise salvation wouldn't have been granted to us.

Be blessed, J. Tate