Let Go and Trust

Trust: Reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety of a person or thing;               confidence I trust in the Lord with all my heart, I lean not to my own understanding, in all my ways I acknowledge Him, and He will make my path straight (Prov. 3:5,6)

Coming up this spring it will have been two years that I have not gone one single day without quoting this verse. To be honest it will be two years that I haven't gone a day without saying it a very minimum of 10 times a day. I've taught on this verse, I've journaled about it, I've blogged, I've talked about it, I've cried over it, I've been convicted and inspired....

And I'm realizing I still don't fully grasp the depth of those two verses.

On Sunday I was spending some time in prayer and the word trust just kept coming up. I just began to tell Daddy I trust you. I began to place various situations in his hands. Situations I felt I had no control over, but I knew needed His supernatural intervention.

Sometimes we spend so much time doing the talking, we don't do near enough listening, and sometimes we feel like we really "KNOW" what things WE can take care of and what things are so big, HE needs to take care of. One of the greatest convictions of that verse is that I won't lean to my own understanding, my own knowledge, my own feelings, but rather I'd acknowledge Him in ALL of my ways.  Not just the situations I feel are too big for me to handle, but ever bit, piece, and detail of my life. Every person, every relationship, and all of those situations too.

After two years of quoting this versed, I've learned that I don't always trust Him like I should. Sometimes I trust myself more than I trust Him. I think I can handle things with my own understanding, I think I "know" the right thing to do, and I choose to take it into my own hands rather than giving it to Him. Sometimes I trust the mentors in my life more than I trust Him, sometimes I trust my own feelings, my own finances, my own abilities, sometimes I trust bosses, paychecks, supporters, church family, parents, more than I trust Him.

To trust in Him with all my heart means "in all my ways" I rely on His integrity (His Word), I rely on His strength (His working in situations), I rely on His ability (His provision, His protection, His wisdom, His ways). I have surety and confidence, "My God in Whom I trust".

Trust often means we take our hands off, "lean not to our own understanding", and we seek Him for how to handle the situations and circumstances of life.

I know this, I don't want to be limited to what trust in myself can provide. I can only do so much, I can only provide so much, I only have limited knowledge and understanding, but my God. My God has unlimited access to wisdom, knowledge, understanding, provision, protection. When my trust is in Him then I am in the hands of Daddy. Daddy knows when I need to turn left and not turn right because a wreck is about to happen, Daddy knows which person needs a phone call of encouragement today, Daddy has many angels He can send on the job, Daddy knows how to provide for His children, protect His children, guide His children, He knows what's best when I don't have a clue, and Daddy loves us.

Today I once again relinquish the reigns and say I trust in You with all my heart, I'll lean not to my own understanding, and I know that You will make my path straight.

Be Blessed, J. Tate