What exactly are you doing?!?

Lately many people have been asking me very similar questions rather it be through face to face conversation, social media, email, or phone. Questions range from things like "What is Rural Awakening?", "Are you getting paid?", "Where will you be?", but most come right down to "What exactly are you going to be doing?".

Personally I LOVE these questions because you just bought yourself a ticket to being stuck to hearing me talk about something I'm very passionate about.

HERE'S MY HEART! For years I have wanted to start my own non-profit organization. I would dream of spending time in the states pouring into local churches through outreaches, ministering, training, discipleship, conferences, girls weekends, etc.  all the while getting to fulfill the longing of my heart by traveling to other nations spreading the gospel, supporting missionaries, loving on children, ministering, serving, building orphanages and schools really just loving people and telling them about Jesus as much as possible.

As it came time to seek the Lord AGAIN about what my next step was there were so many options. I had to really ask Him do I stay in the states? Do I go overseas? Do I go back to school? Do I go back into ministry? Do I youth pastor again? Do I look at some of the other ministry jobs people have offered? Do I teach in the school? Do I do some of all of it? There were TOO MANY options!

WHAT IS RURAL-AWAKENING?  While in Africa God really spoke to me and I knew what I was to do. My home church pastor here in Liberty had offered me a very unique opportunity. He offered me a chance to combine my vision, my hearts desire, things I've wanted to do and felt called to do, and put those with things that he's seen, desired, and had vision for. That is what Rural-Awakening has been birthed out of. It combines his heart and calling with mine. It reaches out to the body of Christ here in the states and abroad training young people, hosting conferences, ministering in churches, while also reaching out to the broken and lonely in our own backyard. It travels to other nations to support missionaries and the body of Christ in the other parts of the world while also reaching out to the lost and broken in foreign nations. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?  In this process I'm working at the church while trying to get Rural-Awakening started and going. We're already getting to see Rural-Awakening accomplish both of our desires by having conferences, doing services at churches stateside, as well as in September I'll get to go to Haiti and help a ministry that is rescuing and educating children, in October I'll go to Eastern Europe and minister in churches that have been planted by a missionary we support. In the fall I'll be leading bible studies in several public schools in our area as well as planning other various outreaches in our local community.

HOW CAN I BE INVOLVED?  Many of you have asked how you can be involved. Obviously all ministry and missions need a few things to be successful! 1. It needs the Holy Spirit's guidance! So that means we need your prayer. We need to hear Him as He leads and guides and shows us the how's, when's, and where's. 2. It needs finances. Many of you have been faithful supporters of me as I have obeyed God's leading and jumped around the world the last five years and of course I would appreciate your continued support as I step in faith into this next journey. You can make tax deductible donations to Rural-Awakening and support us by making one time donations, monthly donations, or just giving to specific projects as they arise or you feel led. 3. It needs open doors. I'm believing for divine encounters that the Holy Spirit sets up with various churches, ministries, and missionaries. The whole reason I'm going to Haiti is because God created a divine encounter where I was able to hear about a need and knew God wanted me to respond to it. We want to support other ministries and missionaries as well as go and minister in various churches here. So pray that God opens doors or invite us to come and host a conference or speak at a service at your local church or ministry. 4. It needs people. Come join us! Come be apart of a school or a conference or even a local outreach. In the future we will have trips to other nations that will be open to friends of Rural-Awakening. We want you to be involved!!

So there's a little more information about just exactly what I am doing. Feel free to inquire more, ask questions, or just come be involved! Be Blessed, J. Tate