Did You Know You're Hungry?

hungry1 I find that picture quite humorous. A cute little girl with her sandwich admitting to speaking unkind words out of hunger.  She just looks too precious and innocent to be unkind. How many of us have been there before? It's right about noon and you have yet to eat lunch when the perfect person comes in with the perfect statement to cause you to say some imperfect words in a definitely imperfect tone. Real hunger is actually directly linked to irritability. (I'll spare you the scientific facts)

As always I don't write these little blogs to muse myself on simply natural issues, but what I see in this picture is an altogether spiritual concept. When I haven't been feeding on the Word of God, the presence of God, the forgiveness and truth of the cross of Jesus, when my Spirit is craving spiritual food... well, unkind words will undoubtedly be said, or unkind actions, or at the VERY LEAST unkind thoughts will occur.

Did you know that you are hungry?

You, the real you, the Spirit man inside of you is hungry for more of God. He wants to be fed the Word of God. He wants to worship God. He wants to be in the presence of God. I'm going to say a controversial one, did you know he wants to be in the house of God? He does!

What happens spiritually is often what we see happen naturally. Your hunger for God is either completely ignored or temporarily quenched by counterfeits (a blog on that soon). As you ignore the hunger eventually the hunger state begins to feel normal to you, but in reality you're sending your body into starvation mode.

More often than not however we decide to temporarily subside our hunger with counterfeits. Naturally this is comparable to throwing down some nutritionally useless snack. Example eating gummy bears, starbursts, oreos (my favorite), or any other completely lacking in nutrient food to make your body think that it's actually getting some real food. Spiritually speaking we take that hunger and we shove it down with things like work, movies, tv, success, money, or perhaps even charitable work and good deeds. Anything that can temporarily take our attention off of the Spirit urging us "Read your Word", "Worship", "Pray", "Go to church", etc.


So what's the big deal you say? Well just as naturally, spiritually we are what we eat. Feed on junk, your body will begin to feel like junk. Feed on tv, movies, miley cyrus vma performance (oops did I just say that?), romance novels, and other counterfeits eventually.... you get the picture.

BUT... Feed on the Word of God, His presence, Worship, Praise, Loving Him, Loving Others, Humility, Speaking the Word, Meditating on the Word, Affirming others, Speaking life and not Death, Watching WHOLESOME GODLY entertainment, listening to wholesome, pure, Godly music then eventually.... you grow into a spiritually mature person who can be fed solid food and not just stick to milk. You become close to God because the Word says He is INTIMATE WITH THE UPRIGHT.

So I encourage you today feed on the Good Stuff.

Be Blessed, J. Tate