My Flesh Lies

Let me snap us back to 2005. We had varsity volleyball work outs before school. We ran a mile to start, the mile was my favorite, and as always me and this one underclassman who was also a distance runner, ran it faster than everyone else. Then inside for weights, agilities, abs, push ups, etc. then at the end of the workout we came back out to the track to run two quarters. Here we are heading to the start line as our coach says, "Okay I'll make you guys a deal, if everyone makes the first quarter under 1:15, then you only have to run one, however if anyone doesn't make it, you all run a second." This was a death sentence deal for me. Let me explain, I hated sprints then and I hate sprints now. I'd rather run 10 miles than try and sprint anything. As I'm sure you can assume what happened with that attitude. Coach said go and we took off. I'm giving it all my little guts have and as usual me and the underclassman are towards the back, the girls in the front yelling for us to catch up. I hear coach say 1:15 to the girl in front of me and as I cross, the devastating, "1:16". Coach made us all run another quarter. There are tons of things we could talk about from this one story like how my attitude determined my destiny or how coach stuck to discipline and taught me a lesson I have never forgotten, but rather I want to fast forward to real time.

This morning I went to the local park for my daily run. I was going to run several miles and then do one mile of sprint/walk intervals. Remember I hate sprinting? I finished up my miles and started the sprints. After the first one my flesh started speaking to me. "You pushed real hard on those miles, you don't need to do your sprints today". "It's getting pretty hot, you should probably go ahead and stop"

You get the point. As I finished up I couldn't help but notice something about thirty seconds after my workout was over. After a mile of doing intervals my heart rate was already back to normal, my legs weren't aching, and I all together felt like I could still do more.

As I got in my car I was reminded that my flesh lies to me. My flesh will always try to convince me to quit rather than to be disciplined. My flesh will try to convince me that I need more sleep, more food, less exercise, less time in prayer, less reading the Word, more fried chicken, it's okay to get angry you're justified, it's okay to demand your rights it's just standing up for yourself, it's okay to just do whatever makes you feel good....

I encourage you to stop often, pause, ask our Holy Spirit what He says about a situation, because without His leading, without His guidance, we just continue to indulge our flesh and let it think that it's the boss.

Be Blessed, J. Tate