FaithLESS Devotion

There's a song that I really enjoy by Justin Rizzo, he says,

"I want to run the race, I want to keep the faith, help me win the prize, of the knowledge of you, I want to be found faithful, I want to be found steady, I want to be found faithful, until the end."

I was talking to The Lord about assignment this morning. We all have assignments on our lives some are momentary, some are seasonal, and some are lifetime instructions. The more God was showing me about assignment the more I just wanted to scream out, "GOD I JUST WANT TO BE DEVOTED TO YOU".

I just want to be a living sacrifice, I just want to be laid down, I want to be willing to do anything He wants me to do. Doesn't all that sound real... Ummmm Godly right?

I opened my Word and I was reading in John 10 where Jesus was saying He would lay His life down for the sheep because He loves the Father. This fueled my zeal, YES GOD, I just want to lay my life down!

Then I got into chapter 11 and I didn't have a clue what was about to hit me.

"Then Thomas who is called the Twin, said to his fellow disciples, let us also go, that we may die with Him" (.16)

FaithLESS Devotion is not pleasing to God.

Let me explain this verse. Lazarus was sick. Jesus was going to go and raise him up. He told the disciples, lets go to Judea. The disciples argued (as usual) but Rabbi, they're going to stone you there. Then Jesus explains He would be fine because He is in light. Then we see Thomas reaction there in verse 16. It sounds so... Godly. Lets just go die with Him, but our Spirit showed me more.

I now see ignorant, faith-less, whole hearted devotion. Okay Jesus, I'm not so sure Yore right BUT WE'LL COME DIE WITH YOU!

Thomas was devoted. In fact he was devoted unto death, but He had no faith in what Jesus had JUST SAID.

The sad thing here is what an amazing devoted heart Thomas had and yet it is faith that pleases God (Heb. 11:6). It is FAITHful devotion that opens doors in the Kingdom. No matter how passionate, how zealous, or how willing we are, without faith it won't please God and in fact whatever is not done in faith is sin (Rom. 14:23)

This morning as our Spirit spoke to me through this verse, I saw myself. I saw the loving passionate body of Christ. How often do we say God I'll do anything, I'll go anywhere, and we WILL AND DO, but the moment we go, we doubt that He will protect us, that He'll provide for us, that He's with us, that He's for us, that the same God that sent us, resides with us. We're passionately devoted without faith and the truth is that can be deadly.

This morning I'm singing, Lord, I want to be found faithful. I'm sold out, I'm devoted, but I want to remain faithful. I want to please you. I don't want to doubt You, Your Word, or Your character. I just want to be found faithful.

Be Blessed, J. Tate