A Father's Love

Watch this video first... [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pp5h0VGTNRI&w=560&h=315]

I was talking to a young lady I mentor not long ago and she made a statement I've heard many times before. She did not have a relationship with her father and as we discussed God as Father she said, "It just took a real long time for me to see Him as Father because I didn't know anything positive about fathers".

Many times I look around and I see the effects of a fatherless generation and society. 

A person who has not received a Father's love is destined for destruction. As I watched this video my heart pounded in my chest and I was so moved that tears began streaming down my face. You see this young girl was not fatherless, but she had not learned to receive the Father's love.

There are plenty of children, teenagers, and adults who have grown up without a natural father. Many of these "fathers" abandoned their significant other, spouses, or children, some of them tragedy struck and father's died, or some were just absent even if they lived in the same home. Mothers don't get off scotch free as we see these days just as many mothers who leave children to grandparents, or fathers, some who have completely walked out on their responsibility as a parent or just as father's perhaps circumstances far beyond their control occurred and they're having to work 3 jobs to provide and are unable to spend enough time with their kids.

All of those circumstances are heartbreaking. In Africa I've met child after child who has had their parents die of AIDS or be murdered right before their eyes and now here is this child... parentless. We call them orphans.

Two years ago I walked into South Sudan, not having a clue what I was getting myself into, and it has forever changed me. As I pulled onto the base that first day in South Sudan, I couldn't help but notice the sign, "YEI CHILDREN'S VILLAGE". Not Yei orphange, not iris ministries, but Yei Children's Village. I quickly learned that the children there are never to be called "orphans", in fact if you called a child an orphan, you would be reprimanded.... by the child!!!! They are not oprhans, because, "THEY KNOW WHO THEIR FATHER IS".

As I watched this video I couldn't help but think how this is the majority of the world today. They live in depression and turmoil simply because they don't know they have a Father who loves them. They might acknowledge that He is real, but they do not understand His character, they do not know His heart, they don't see that behind everything that He does is a deep, deep, love for them.

So here we are with a society of people who act like orphans. They live as though they are not loved, as though they will not be cared for, as though they are not meaningful. They have an incredible Father, who gave it all for them, and yet they have no clue what is right before them.

Children of God, we must be a voice to the orphans. We must be a voice to the natural orphans as well as the spiritual orphans. We must tell them that they are not orphans at all, but that they have a Father. A Father who loves them and cares for them, who gave Himself for them. Love looks like something. We must scoop them up and teach them the Truth of who God is.

The price has already been paid for their ransom, but how will they know if no one tells them?

Be Blessed, J. Tate