Time Change & Hot Bubble Baths

This morning I broke routine. Like really broke routine and it wasn't even my fault. Totally... I was tired, very tired. I returned home from Eastern Europe on Tuesday night and have been trying my best to get the time change situation under control. Try as I may however, yesterday right in the middle of church it hit and I could barely keep my eyes open. About 3.5 seconds after laying down in bed I was asleep until  right at12 a.m. I woke up as if it were the start of a brand new day. I was. wide. awake. So, I went ahead and got up and spent some time with the Lord and a theme began that He would follow throughout the morning.

Little woman. Big God.

I kept being reminded of the words of a minister I enjoy listening to she said, "I can't make fruit, only He can, I don't pursue fruit, I pursue intimacy with Him, and then fruit just comes."

As I remembered her words I felt a slight weight come off my shoulders and I was reminded, I'm just a little woman that serves a big God. I always want to remember I am little and He is big. I am weak and He is strong. I have no power and no authority apart from Him. I am nothing, He is everything.

Then Holy Spirit spoke. This might be "TMI" for some of you, but it was significant to me. "Take a Bath". "Take a Bath?...." First off, I don't take baths, I take showers. Second, Lord I didn't run this morning because of the rain and that means I'll run this afternoon, so I'll just "bathe aka shower" after that. Thirdly, I was thinking I'd do something more "spiritual" like read the Word.

Don't argue with God. He's a winner.

So I drew a bath. A very hot relaxing bath. I put on some "soaking" music (pardon the pun) and I got in the bath. When I did, I felt relaxed, I felt at peace.

Abiding in Christ is like taking a hot bath. It's not work, it's relaxation and it brings peace. Sure there's a quicker way to get clean, but you have to stand on your own two feet that way. In a bath you just lay back and chill.

The Word says in John 15 that if we abide in Christ we will bear much fruit. We don't pursue fruit to prove that we are abiding. We pursue Christ and then He produces fruit in us and through us. Trying to do it the other way around is work and it rarely produces lasting results. He even says that if we abide in Him we will have "lasting fruit."

Then the Lord just dashed a random scripture through me. Galatians 3:5. I didn't have a clue what Galatians 3:5 said, so I had to go look it up. "So then, does He who provides you with the Spirit and works miracles among you, do it by the works of the Law, or by hearing with faith?"

In other words does God produce fruit in our lives (acts of love, working of miracles, salvations, healing, etc) because we obey the law or because we abide in faith?

Little woman. Big God.

Sometimes we can get so concerned with producing "fruit" that we stop abiding and we start working in our own strength. Do you want to see fruit? Want people to get saved? Want to see miracles? Want to see God do things supernaturally in your life and ministry?

Pursue Him. Take a bath. Abide in Him. You can't muster up enough strength to produce a miracle. You can't discipline your flesh enough to create perfect love. You can't think long enough to get the best plan. That is what Holy Spirit is for. Abide in Him, walk in the Spirit, trust in Him.

He is the power. He is the source. He is the producer. God gives the increase. God produces the fruit. Holy Spirit reveals all Truth.

I may be just a little woman, but I serve a big God that dwells inside of me. What I can never do, He can always do.

Many times He just needs us to take a bath. Throw your feet up, stop trying to produce something your flesh can never produce, and trust in Him.

Be Blessed, J. Tate