Timeless Wisdom

"God doesn't promise too many things without measure on earth, but wisdom is one!"  My friends often make fun of me because I really enjoy spending time with people older than me... okay, much older than me. Just in the last seven days I've sat down and spent time one on one with four people over the age of 60 each saying at LEAST one phrase during that time that resonated within me and taught me something valuable.  As I was on the way to go visit a widow over the age of 80 from our church, I was on the phone with a friend (my age) and she was teasing me about my absolute excitement about having coffee with this lady. I really can't help it, I love hearing wisdom poured out from men and women of God who have done this thing that we call life for quite some time. There's something to be said of someone who has served God faithfully for 50 or 60 years, there is no doubt that they have some wisdom and information that I should implement into my life.

Yesterday a good friend of mine texted me to tell me about something that I had said that impacted her, ironically this person has poured more wisdom into my life in the few years I've known her than I could even begin to express. As we begin to discuss wisdom, she said this,

God doesn't promise many things without measure on earth, but wisdom is one!

God promises us wisdom without measure. He says in James 1, if any of you lacks wisdom, ASK. I could go on and on of all the scriptures encouraging wisdom among believers.

Where does wisdom come from?

Well, God of course, but in what forms? Wisdom can be acquired from so many places and often very unexpected places. I expect to get wisdom from the Word, sermons, talks with pastors and mentors, and of course my elders. I expect it and I get it, sometimes more than I bargained for (LOL). They pour into me invaluable amounts of wisdom, conviction, guidance, etc. There have been many pastors and mentors that God has placed in my life over the last ten years, each imparting a little bit of wisdom and guidance into me. Some of these pastors and mentors I talk to daily, some weekly, some I rarely talk to at all anymore, but each gave me some wisdom over the years and continue to do so. What about those unexpected places? How about when friends give you some zingers of wisdom over coffee or dinner? Are we willing to learn from our "peers"? Are you willing to learn from those younger than you? Can you constantly be a "learner"? With my friend Kayce, I pretty much come ready with pen and paper or my iphone open and ready to write down whatever it is the Holy Spirit uses her to teach me that day. What if I was that expectant and eager to learn from all of the people I meet with, what if we truly believed that Holy Spirit was ever ready to impart life changing statements, wisdom, and truth into us? The crazy thing is, that over the past year and 1/2 or so I've also seen God use CHILDREN as much as adults to impart into me. Yes, even crazy teenagers. Kids from the ages of 2 to 16 showing me, teaching me, and speaking Truth. I have story after story of how a child displayed faith or love and convicted me. I have plenty of stories of how the girls who I mentor spoke things that Holy Spirit used to stir me.

The truth is Wisdom is wisdom and Truth is truth. God uses a variety of ways to impart these two things into our lives through the Holy Spirit, but are we ready to receive?

When you sit down to lunch with that friend, when you're keeping the nursery, when you're feeding the children overseas, when you're sitting in church, when you're driving down the road listening to the radio... are we ready and willing to receive whatever Holy Spirit wants to impart to us?

We don't just have to be eager to learn sitting in a classroom, in a Bible small group, in seminary class, listening to a church sermon, or across the table from your mentor. You should be eager to learn in all those situations, but also ready to learn from unlikely sources.

Be ready, pay attention, He has wisdom without measure to put in your hands. I want to be a humble learner, someone who is positioned and ready to receive.

Be Blessed, J. Tate