Driving home today I was listening to "Kingdom Come" an album by Bryan and Katie Torwalt that I haven't been able to stop listening to since visiting Louisiana last week (THANKS E). I love that entire album, but as it played today several of the songs just begin to hit me.

I spent the last two days with one of my old pastor's and his family. I always look forward to time with him because I know that I'm about to have a conversation that will last for hours. Undoubtedly during this time I will be mentored, loved on, challenged, encouraged, teased, but more importantly than anything in that short time I will get more Word poured out than some people hear in their lifetime. We'll talk about life, ministry, Jesus, and how differently our theological views are, but I will walk away inspired to dive deeper into the Word.

Today in the car as song after song was hitting me, I thought about one aspect of our conversation yesterday. We discussed how God is a pursuer of man. From Genesis to Revelation there is an undeniable theme of this Creator God pursuing, chasing, and drawing men unto Himself.

The enormity of this implication is sometimes more than I can wrap my head around. Let's break it down. God. The Creator of the Universe. The Ultimate Supreme Being. All knowing, omnipotent, self-sufficient God. This God who has more depth than we can fathom decided He wanted man. He didn't need man. He wanted man. He created man. Then from Genesis on until current time today God has pursued after man.

This Great, Big, God, knows little ole' me. Not only does He know me, but He wants me. He doesn't just want me as a slave, He wants me to be His child. He wants a Daddy's Girl. He desires to be near to me and to be close to me. He cares about me and He loves me unconditionally.

It doesn't get more simple than this truth, but it doesn't get more mind boggling than this truth.

Why would this self-sufficient God desire man? I can't explain it, but I'm so grateful for it. Few thoughts are as humbling as the realization that God pursues man because He wants us. Man, He's so good.

Be Blessed, J. Tate