Worry is a form of calling God a liar ~Star Nguyen

Worry- uneasiness or anxiety

Worry is a word that people know well. It is not partial on whom it chooses to attack from ethnicity, culture, financial class, job title, or religious preference, it doesn't really matter. Christians know that God asks us not to do it and medical doctors agree that it is extremely unhealthy. God's principles set forth for man in His Word years ago are daily being proven by the medical field. Chronic worrying suppresses your immune system, causes digestive disorders, muscle tension, short term memory loss, heart attack, among others.

Despite the many admonitions from Christ we still see this common problem among believers. "For this reason I tell you do not worry about your life..." (Matt. 6:25) "Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled, and do not let them be afraid" (John 14:27) "Do not worry about anything..." (Phil. 4:6)

In Matthew chapter 6 Jesus makes it clear not to worry about what clothes we wear, what food we'll eat, as God provides for nature, so He will provide for His children. If we shouldn't worry about these basic necessities, how much less should we consider or be concerned with the non-essentials of life?

Worry is most often a crises of identity. A believer who understands their identity in Christ as a child and co-heir is not as susceptible to the "worry attack" of the enemy. It is in a child's nature to trust their parents and it is even more in the nature of a believer to trust their Father. Why would we not? He has proven Himself time and time again.

As we worry, we are doubting one of two things. We are either doubting our identity as His child, or we are doubting His ability as Father. If we doubt His ability as Father we call Him a liar and as harsh as it may sound, if we doubt our identity as child, we still call Him a liar.

In the Word of God we see this beautiful transition from slave to child for those who believe on Jesus Christ. As a child I do not have to work or achieve right standing with God. I do not have to beg for His approval or favor. There is not a minimum requirement that I must meet for Him to decide that now His promises apply to me (I am not denying the reality of His if you will/then I will promises). As my good friend taught me years ago, "we are daughters, not beggars".

The way to kill worry in your life is to have faith in your identity as a Child and His identity as a Father.

"Faith has to be believing in what we can't understand, comprehend, or logically can't explain, faith never meets our logic"

When worry comes upon you take the time to get still and ask Holy Spirit to speak Truth to you, often we're just in a big battle with our mind. Perhaps your circumstances seem impossible, remember God can do the impossible even when we can't understand how. Find scripture that reaffirms your identity as Child and His identity as Father.

It's time for the body of Christ to let go of worry and cling to faith. We have a good Daddy. Be blessed, J. Tate