Magnificent Obsession

So deep within me are these lovesick longings, desires and daydreams of living close to you. When I'm near you my heart and my soul will sing and worship. (Psalm 84:2 TPT) When I was 17 my youth pastor gave me a cd by Dennis Jernigan. On the cd was a song titled, "Magnificent Obsession". I'll never forget at the beginning of the song Mr. Jernigan was playing the piano and began to talk. He said this phrase that changed my life.

"I want to be so close to God in this life that when I get to heaven, it's not much different"

Those words struck me in my Spirit as I began to contemplate the possibility of being that close to the Creator of the universe who dwells in the heavens. At that time my knowledge of who God was and what He wanted with me and for me was limited at best. The idea that anyone could know Him that well seemed impossible, other than the anointed apostles of the Old Testament of course.

For days this phrase plagued me. Even if it was possible are there really quacks out there that thought that God wanted to be that close to us anyway? I mean He had spoken to me in my bedroom and I had gotten saved, but that was because I desperately needed an encounter that extreme to get me on the right track. Surely it wasn't possible that He would ever want to be that real and that close to me regularly.... Right?!?

I soon found the mandate of my life in the midst of Dennis Jernigans's words. I found overwhelmingly in the Word that not only is closeness and intimacy with God attainable, but He so desires it.

I will spend the rest of my days pursuing closeness with my Father, a closeness so real and so intimate that when I go to heaven, it's not that much different.

Never stop expecting to know Him more. A lifetime is too short to go a single day without pursuing Him WHOLEHEARTEDLY. Many things will attempt to steal your attention from relationships, work, duties, and even ministry. There will be many circumstances and situations that will attempt to steal the Truth from you that you can know God intimately and He desires you. Let nothing, absolutely nothing keep you from knowing Him

The veil was torn. He pursues man, will you pursue Him? God is accessible.

I live to know Him deeper than I know anyone or anything of this earth.

Be blessed J. Tate