Dream Big

"I give it all to you Lord believing that you'll make something beautiful out of me" The hardest part of believing that God views us as a child and treats us as a child is knowing our own flesh.

At the end of each day when we lay our heads down on our pillow, we know more about ourselves than anyone else on earth, and God knows us even better than that. As we go about our day to day lives we know the thoughts we have that aren't always as loving as they should be, we know the moments that we didn't react the way that would have been pleasing to Him, we know the doubts, the fears, the insecurity, the disbelief, we know our faults and failures, we know them and we know them well.

The question here really isn't how well do we know ourselves, the question is how well do you know God?

In spite of knowing ourselves we can also know Him. The more time we spend with Him the more He reminds us of who He says we are. In those moments with Him when He's reassuring me of who and what He sees when He looks at me, the less what I know about myself really seems to matter. The more I listen to Him, He keeps tells me that I can do all things through Christ. The more I listen the more He says to dream bigger, have more vision,  and believe for more because he can do exceedingly abundantly more than anything I could ever ask, think, or imagine.

Why? Why would God ever encourage me when He knows my utterly failing flesh? Because God never has been known for looking at our qualifications based off of our humanity. We have been crucified and we no longer live, but rather the very life of Christ has been imparted into us. We are quite literally hid in Him. The power of God Himself dwells inside our mortal flesh.

So how well do we know Him? Do we know Him enough to trust Him? Do we believe Him when He calls us child? Do we believe His Word about us?

We live in a world that works primarily in the flesh realm. We're surrounded by people who are more likely to identify our short comings than our success. We live in a body that can more easily feel and know our fleshly failures than the Godly potential inside of us. If we listen to outside sources or even our own mind, then we're most likely going to be told that the best we can hope for is way below what God desires to do in and through us.

We can choose to believe Him. We can choose to believe that it's not about my characteristics, but the character of Him who is in us. We can believe that as we bring all of us to Him that He's making something beautiful out of us. I can bring my doubts, my fears, my weaknesses, my failures, and He will make something beautiful.

Refuse to be convinced that you are any less that what God has already said of you. Look past your own shortcomings to see the power of the God inside of you. Believe more. Dream bigger. Nothing is impossible with Him.

Be Blessed, J. Tate