You Were Meant To Live Like This

"Consumed by a weight in the atmosphere that convinced me He was all around, I closed my eyes and saw colors more vividly, touched objects with no hands. I could hear His voice in stereo, but from within, pulsing my heartbeat" ~Krystal Callender, Voices of Revival This morning I picked up a devotional book that I had bought some time ago and just hadn't taken the time to dive into yet. As I opened the first page I was slammed by a quote that nearly knocked the wind out of me.  God's timing is always perfect, never early, and never late.

I want to stir up some hunger and a sense of destiny in everyone because the Lord has uniquely and specifically designed you as a person that could live in His glory. The glory is that manifested presence of King Jesus. ~Bill Johnson

After calming my heart down I wanted to scream, shout, laugh, do a hallelujah dance, and perhaps run around my living room (We all know it doesn't take too much to get me riled up). I have had four conversations just in the past week about this very topic.

It is today and it has been for years my desire to discuss, teach, preach, mentor, disciple, and share with others the potential for deep, close, intimate, relationship with God. The possibility of getting so close to Him in this life that when we die and go to heaven it's not much different as I discussed recently in my blog, Magnificent Obsession. My desire is to stir up hunger to know Him more in everyone I come in contact with. As I continued reading on, my hunger grew and grew.

In the quote at the top the lady describes an encounter with the Lord where He became so real that she later says, "I remember consciously, desperately, deciding I could never leave this place. I wanted to stay forever in what could only be heaven, it could not be real if I was truly still alive"

She begins to tell the Pastor's next words, "You are made to live like this. You are made to live like this"

I will never stop believing that, "we were made to live like this". We have a God that desires to be close to His people. He sent His Son, He tore the veil, so that He could be near us. Without the blood there was no hope of us ever being intimate to such a Holy God, but He made the sacrifice so we could. He wants to be near to us. He wants to be bigger than our fleshly reality.

Be Blessed, J. Tate