When the Poo Don't Stank

The title isn't really about what you think. 
Let me take you into a conversation I was having this morning with two teenagers. 

Me to "Teenager 1"- "So you're a senior, you're about to graduate, what are you going to do with your life?"
Teenager 1- "I want to be an RN" 
Me- "That's awesome, so do you enjoy people, blood, and all that kind of stuff??" 
Teenager 2- "YEA she does, she doesn't think nursing homes stink. We went to the nursing home for ministry and a lady had pooped on the floor and "teenager 1" said it didn't stink. Literally she said the poop didn't stink." 

Of course I laughed. This really isn't that abnormal of a conversation for me. I love teenagers and I love when teenagers pour out more wisdom than what they even realize. 

There's a beautiful thing called grace. Grace empowers you to do things that you never could do in your own strength. When your assignment meets His grace you're able to do things that other people can't understand. 

Why did the poo not stink? Is it because it really didn't stink? No, it's because her assignment met God's grace and the unimaginable happened. As I'm sure they much expected I launched into life lesson #4768 that they've had to sit through, but these two teenagers didn't realize they were sitting on wisdom that many of us often forget. 

God's grace enables mankind to fulfill their assignment in supernatural ways. 

Teenager 1 has a grace on her life to work with people in a medical setting. It's a grace that teenager 2 clearly doesn't have, but I know teenager 2 and she has an incredible grace to do her specific assignment. 

Each of us have a place where "poo don't stank". God has given you a grace to fulfill your specific assignment. Throughout your life people may not understand, they may not believe, they may even voice their doubts, but it does not change what God has graced you to do. 

There are lots of people who would never want to go into a war zone, sleep on the ground, not have access to starbucks or reliable communication with the outside world, but I love it. I have a grace that God has given me to do just that. In fact I come alive when I'm in the dirt hugging an orphan that many people say smells foul, but he doesn't smell foul to me. I love it. You know what though? I don't like blood, I could never work in a hospital, I can't clap on beat, I'll never lead worship, I can barely color inside the lines, I'm not graced to do the arts, painting, dramas, etc. and there are many other things that I am not graced to do.
Some people work inside, some work outside, some work in offices, some have a gift for retail, some are amazing business people, some are creative, some are introverted, some are extroverted, some like to be super clean, some don't mind a lot of dirt, some want to be in America, some want to be abroad, some want to travel the world. 

There are billions of people in this world, we have different gifts, different talents, different passions, and different assignments. God will grace you to do what He has asked you to do. He will equip you to accomplish all that He has called you to accomplish. God's grace IS AND ALWAYS WILL BE sufficient to fulfill every task He has asked you to do. 

Find the place where the poo don't stank for you. Go be who God has asked you to be and don't be discouraged when others might not understand how or why. Be fully who God has asked you to be and do whole heartedly what God has graced you to do. 

Be Blessed, 
J. Tate