Talking to an atheist and Warzones

I wanted a nap. God wanted a son. As I climbed into my seat on my final flight from Amsterdam to Kigali the usual pleasentries were exchanged. Why are you going to Africa? How old are you? etc.

The man sitting next to me works for a multi-million dollar foundation that builds clinics in the bush. When I told him that I was going to Congo his response was, "Oh my God, you're going to get shot, how old are you, why would you do that?"

That last question is an open door for anyone to hear about Jesus. What makes a 26 year old leave friends, family, and comfort for a war zone...nothing but Jesus. His response was humorous, "Oh God, another one… a Christian? Great."

It didn't take long before I found out that his brother in law is a pastor of a large church and this dear man is an avid atheist. I told him I probably had to sit next to him because his brother in law was praying for him. LOL. Here is when the fun began as he wanted to know my response to "how old is the earth", "how do you believe a book that has been changed and morphed into what men want it to be", "where does God live", "does He talk to you". I smiled, but I really am not much of a debater, so I drew the line.

I said, "Sir, you probably grew up in church, and I'm sorry if your church never let you know that God loved you, He's appealing, He's real, He's worth living for, He gives joy, peace, and still performs miracles, so let me make you a deal, if God will perform a miracle for you will you believe in Him" He looked at me quite stunned and even a little scared when I began to pray for his shoulder that was hurting him badly.

He nervously laughed as he said the pain was starting to leave. Well, the plane ride was 9 hours so there was much more that went on, but pray for Steve, God wants him, and Steve knows it.

Today I will bus into Congo… where I will not get shot as ole' Steve predicted. We don't have electricity and rarely have access to the internet, so unfortunately I won't be able to update often, but I will journal and blogs will eventually come your way.

Thank you for prayers. Love you guys.

Be Blessed, J. Tate