Run Your Race (A Poem for a Mom Battling Cancer)

Today I want to share something very special with you. (go ahead and get some kleenex) This is a poem written by a woman who has made a big impact on my life as she deals with slowly losing her mom to cancer. 

About a month ago I sat at the table drinking coffee with the woman that this short poem is about. We sat and talked about Jesus and life, we prayed, and as her body has been ravaged by cancer she still looked at me and said, "God is good." This woman is incredible and she has fought the good fight of faith. We love you Nonny, you are an inspiration. 

This is my Mom's Race, not mine... by Lisa Rossow
Let me start out by saying, honestly, I'm not ready for my mom to finish her race. I want her to continue running. I thought if I could just tell her to continue, she would. I thought if I said, it looks like you're giving up, it looks like you're quitting, it would make her try to keep running. But after watching Maegan run her race, a half marathon yesterday, I think I've been looking at all of this all wrong. And I thought maybe there are others out there, like me, who can be selfish and want people to run the race like us or like we think they should, so I want to share my thoughts. I wanted to tell her how to run the race and how to continue and how to finish. See, I was looking at it like she was quitting, like she was giving up, but she's not, she sees the finish line, her finish line and she's pressing forward. I think she sees her prize waiting at the end. I can't see her finish line or her prize, because I'm not actually running her race. I'm running mine and since I can't see her finish line, I thought the race shouldn't be over, but that's my race that's not almost finished, it's my finish line that i can't see. She's running her race and she sees her finish line. She's finishing so strong. I'm so proud of her. I've stopped looking at it selfishly, so now I don't see her as quitting, I see her finishing and finishing strong! She's mustering up all her strength to finish, not quit. I love her and I pray that God gives me and others like me, the strength to stand on her sideline and cheer for her to finish strong, whether that finish takes a year, a month or a day, I want to stand on her sideline and CHEER, not be selfish and want her to keep running. It's her race after all, not mine!


Be Blessed, 
J. Tate