Choose the Word

Occasionally circumstances occur where I have one of the girls I'm mentoring staying with me for a period of time. This requires me to go over the "rules" they have while staying with me. We go over the basics and then I always remind them that they will be up early enough to be in the Word and prayer. This has been one of the main rules of staying with me since I first started mentoring teenagers back in college. It's imperative that we understand and teach the power of the Word in our lives. 

This morning I woke up asking the Lord what we'd read, and maybe it's because my pastor has been teaching on the necessity of the Word, but I just couldn't get away from pondering the power of the Word in our lives.

"For the Lord has a hidden storehouse of wisdom made accessible to His godly lovers. He becomes your personal bodyguard as you FOLLOW His ways; Protecting and guarding you as you CHOOSE what is right" (Prov 2:7-8 TPT) 

The Word. The Word. The Word.
Throughout the Word we're given Truth for how to live long, satisfying, prosperous, peaceful lives fulfilling our purpose and advancing the Kingdom all for His glory. We're even shown that when we make choices that go against the Word that we reap less than desirable situations. 

I fell in love with the Word at 16 years old. I was like an addict that couldn't be satisfied, I read, and studied, and read, theology, hermeneutics, hebrew, greek, word studies, read more, audio sermons, write it out, record it, listen to it. I just devoured the Word with a passion and zeal to know Him, know what He was like, know what pleased Him, and know what angered Him. I wanted to know His heart. 

Here at 26 years old I'm more convinced than ever about the necessity of the Word in the believer's life, but I also KNOW that we must be "doers and not hearers only". It's not enough to "know" what scripture says about life, we must have faith in it, we must believe it, we must do it, we must live it, we must speak it, we must declare it, we must write it out, we must think on it. 
Most of you reading this have seen this evident in your life as well. In the times that I choose to cling to and obey the Word, I am filled with peace, joy, trust, faith, confidence, even when my situation hasn't moved yet. The times that I allowed my emotions to control me, I became full of anxiety, fear, and discouragement which is exactly what the enemy wants for you. 
One scripture can usher in the power to overcome, the grace to forgive and have mercy, the peace that you've been lacking, the joy that seemed to far, the love that you felt you couldn't have. One Word can change it all. 

It doesn't matter what your situation is, the Word has some insight for you. I've found in my own life that many times I can get in the Word and often find where MY OWN CHOICES caused some of the circumstances I'm having to deal with. When I don't live the Word how the Word says to live it, I create less than desirable circumstances. When you read Proverbs you're bound to find areas that you've missed it. Holy Spirit is sure to say... "see why that didn't go the way you thought". BUT GOD. Repent, and get right back into peace, hope, faith, and joy remembering that we serve a God of mercy and grace. 

Even when I choose the Word, pressures of life, attacks of the enemy, and others choices may still come to discourage me, but I will have the peace that passes understanding, the joy of the Lord for my strength, and hope to know that if God is for me nothing can be against me. 

"When the tension of life surrounds you, My glorious presence will subdue and overshadow you, I have made you Mine and My love will finish the beautiful work that I have begun in you" 

The Word gives answers for how to live a life surrendered to the Lord full of His favor. The Word has the power to help you choose right decisions, have joy in the midst of turmoil, peace in the midst of chaos, to forgive when you've been hurt, to love when it seems hard, wisdom when you're confused, comfort when you're hurting, faith when it seems impossible, Truth when the lies seem loud, and on and on and on. 

Choose the Word. If life feels like a breeze, choose the Word. If life feels like trial after trial, choose the Word. In any and all circumstances choose to cling to and obey the Word. 

"My Beloved child, when your heart is full of wisdom, My heart is full of gladness. And when you speak anointed words, We are speaking mouth to mouth. Don't allow the actions of evil men to cause you to burn with anger. Instead, burn with unrelenting passion as you worship God in holy awe. Your future is bright and filled with a living hope that will never fade away. As you listen to me, my beloved child, you will grow in wisdom and your heart will be drawn into understanding to make right decisions" (Prov. 23:15-19 TPT)

Sometimes you'll miss it, sometimes you'll get it just right, sometimes it'll be hard, sometimes it'll come so easy and naturally, but just keep trusting Him. Just keep choosing the Word. Just keep believing. We have a Helper. 

Be Blessed, 
J. Tate