Know Your Role

"It's the Holy Spirit's job to convict, God's job to judge, and my job to love" -Billy Graham 

I believe we encounter many issues and frustrations in life because of role confusion. We misunderstand our roles as a part of the body of Christ, we confuse our roles with that of God Himself, we take on roles that aren't ours to play, we try to rush into the next assignment before God's asked us to, we try to function in a gift that we weren't given, or even take on responsibility for things God hasn't given to us, and many never step into the role that God has specifically designed for them.  

There are many directions you could take a short blurb about knowing your role, but for this first part I just want to focus on understanding what's your role and what is God's. 

"I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God gave the increase" (1 Cor. 3:6) 

This morning I strayed from my normal playlist and went for the more daring "shuffle" setting. As I did an old favorite came on by IHOP, "Restoration"... Two statements stuck out to me. "You bring restoration" and "You make all things new". As I heard these statements I immediately thought about the previous scripture.

Here are three things we know are God's role. He brings restoration. He makes things new. He gives the increase. There are things we know specifically that God does, that it's not my job to do, that I can't do, but many times we try to water when we're supposed to plant or we take on the responsibility of producing increase when that's not something we're capable of in the first place. I say this speaking as much to myself as to you. I find myself often having to step back in humility as I realize that, as badly as I want to, I can't make my spiritual kids decisions for them, I can't fix that broken heart, I can't make so and so's mountain move for them, I can't bring the increase, I can only plant or water as Holy Spirit leads. 

Over and over and over in the Word we see what God does and what He wants us to do. When I try to step into God's role not only will I be frustrated, but eventually so will those around me. I have my part to play, but it's not His. 
We are to lay hands on the sick and see them recover, but it's not my job to "heal" it's just my job to lay hands on them in faith. 
We are to comfort those who mourn, but it's not my job to heal their heart, just to love them and console them with the Word through it.
We are to be an example of how to live Christlike and lovingly hold others accountable, but it's not my job to convict, judge, or change people. 

Are you feeling frustrated or feeling like you're constantly failing? Maybe it's time to take a look in the Word at what is your responsibility and what's God's! 
Take situations, take people, take cares, to the throne room and get heavenly strategy for what God wants YOU to do and trust Him for what He wants to do. Get in the Word and see what He's already set in place as your part to play. Pray, love, and love, and love, serve, and serve, be obedient to do what you can do but trust God to move the mountains, trust God to do the healing, trust God to do the convicting, trust God to do the changing. He's a BIG God. He's a GOOD God. He is not shaken, He is not confused, He is on His throne and He is all powerful and all loving. 

Be Blessed, 
J. Tate