"Just Trust Me"




Someone said this picture described how they've been feeling lately. I couldn't help but smile and think, "we've all felt this way at one point at or another." At some time in our lives we're holding onto this or that location, this or that title, this or that job, this or that relationship, this or that responsibility, this or that mindset, this or that dream, this or that goal, this or that "ideal" situation, this or that "insert your own here".

Most likely Jesus doesn't have a problem with the thing you're holding onto, He just wants to take you to a new level, into a new season, into greater opportunity, into greater blessing, into larger territory, into greater authority, into deeper revelation of who He is in you.

One of my greatest heroes, Corrie Ten Boom, says, "Hold onto things lightly or it will hurt when God pries it out of your fingers"

For someone who has switched jobs, moved, and traveled quite a bit the last two years I've often had to learn this lesson the HARD way. Uncertainty, confusion, fears, insecurity, and doubts will try to keep you from complete surrender of all that you have and all that you are. Plainly the enemy will do his best to keep you out of faith and trust.

Don't allow the uncertainty of the unknown keep you from embracing what God has in store for you. We must be willing to trust Him enough to do things and go places that take us out of our comfort zone. Over and over and over again God is continually taking me deeper and deeper into trusting Him with my future. From moving back to my home town, to teaching, to moving, to Sudan, to war torn Congo, to youth pastoring, starting a non-profit ministry, and many more adventures to come as I do my best to trust Him and obey His Holy Spirit. Each step, each change, each move, each trip, challenging me to be in faith in the One who I know loves me.

"Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God" -Corrie Ten Boom

I've had a current obsession with the song "Paint Your Picture" by Julie Meyer. Most of you know the background of the song, so I'll just share the lyrics. "Pick me up like a paintbrush, dip it in the colors of my life, paint your picture, and fashion a heart that is wholly yours, take your fingers God, Master potter, come mold the clay, tell your story, as you mold me, fashion a heart that is wholly yours, and write your name, write your name in the clay, sign your name on the picture, and TAKE ALL I AM, TAKE ALL I HAVE, I AM YOURS FOREVER"

Give Him all you are. Give Him all you have. Trust Him with every aspect of your life.

Be Blessed, J. Tate