I was sitting at my desk yesterday trying to focus on finishing up final details for our Project Haiti fundraiser and I kept getting distracted. I had just found out about three deaths that all occurred that day and they had me thinking about life and how we spend our time. Then my calendar caught my eye. Lots of black, blue, and red ink mixed in with some orange and yellow highlighter, each mark reminding me of things that must not be forgotten. The month of May coming to a close, I looked over each square, and took a small sigh of relief. I'm not too sad to see this month's page pulled off of the desk, crumpled up and put in the trash can clearing the way for a fresh, new, clean month to show its face. Several thoughts ran through my head as it hit me just how busy and crazy this month has been. Have I really spent time being the person I want to be this month? My next thought was that, next month I will write neater and possibly use the same colors on my calendar. There's something about the chaos on that piece of paper that makes me want to feel stressed just looking at it.

In those moments of thought and reflection I realized that more than anything I needed to unplug. Though there are many great benefits to social networking, blogs, and the like, there are definite times where we need to take a hiatus. Some time for sabbath and rest. I'm thankful for the connections I am able to keep up with through various websites, but I also know that the most beneficial communications comes through face to face relationships (and Skype dates with my friends on other continents). So, with that being said, I'm taking a few days to UNPLUG. I won't be on any of our various social networking sites (including my blog). I thoroughly enjoy writing and it is definitely a relaxor for me, so I'm going to take this time to focus on my book and do some personal writing. Some time to sit in coffee shops and read because I like doing that. Some time to sit still, be silent, and enjoy the simplicity of a technology-less world. If you want to get in touch with me don't hesitate to give me a call :)

Love you guys and I'm sure I'll be writing again in a few days. Be Blessed, J. Tate