Worthy Of It All

"Day and Night, Night and Day, let incense arise!, You are worthy of it all!" The question is... How worthy is He? How much does He really deserve? The truth is He deserves it all, every bit, every piece, every ounce of my life, strength, my heart, but how much am I willing to give Him? I find myself answering often quite like Peter, "I'LL FOLLOW YOU TO THE DEATH LORD!!" ... Take me anywhere in the world, I'll go anywhere, I'll do anything, I'll do whatever you want!! Yeah the same Peter that one chapter later was denying the very One he'd pledged his unending allegiance to.

It's easy to voice our dedication to the Lord, it's another to live out what we say we believe. In those times like Peter when no one is watching, when it's hard, when it really costs something, when it causes you to trust more than you ever have before, when it seems impossible, when it means getting low and low and lower still, how about when it means risking the things you hold dear... comfort zones, locations, relationships, steady income, maybe even your life?

If you read my blog I wrote after my first session of Trauma Counseling (Click here to read it) you know that I'm taking some time to diligently partner with Holy Spirit to make some changes in how I live my life day to day. I'm asking Him to refocus and revamp my relationship with Him. Draw me into more intimacy than ever before.

This morning as Holy Spirit showed me a change He wanted me to make in how I did something I said, "YES SIR, YOU GOT IT, I'M ON IT"... but then I had time to think. "Wait... that's not going to be that easy actually. In fact, that's going to be somewhat difficult"

"Day and night, night and day, let incense arise, you are worthy of it all"

I flashed back to the upper room in DR-Congo, sitting on my knees, tears streaming down my face, my friend Lisa singing this song on the guitar, over and over and over and over. I sang until the tears overtook my voice, His presence so real, so tangible, realizing that He loved me so much and I loved Him so much (just as Peter did) that there wasn't anything I wasn't willing to give into His hands. He had my heart, He had my soul, He had my life in His hands and He was (and is) worthy of it all. It's not enough to say His worthy in that circumstance, but not in this one. It's not enough to sing out in a war zone when I needed Him more than ever, GOD I'LL GIVE IT ALL, and then come back to daily life and pick and choose what I'm willing to give to Him.

You see people, circumstances, locations, conditions of our heart, is not what makes Him worthy. HE IS WORTHY OF IT ALL, HE DESERVES THE GLORY! 

There are times that giving Him our all is easier than others. Sometimes it costs, sometimes it hurts, sometimes it takes big faith in the midst of potential risk, sometimes it's pretty easy but He will always be worthy whether you choose to give it to Him or not.

Day and night, night and day... All day everyday, He is worthy of it all. He is worthy of it all. He is worthy of it all.

Be Blessed, J. Tate