Endurance is a word that I used to think I liked! (LOL)I still love physical endurance. I love to go out and run and run for as long as I want, however some areas aren't as easy to build endurance in as physical endurance, and yet they're much more needed.

The Bible talks often about endurance. Jesus says, "he who endures to the end will be saved" Paul while discussing temptation says, "so you will be able to endure it" And of course all of our least/most favorite, 1 Cor 13 "love... bears all things, believes all things, hopes in all things, and endures all things"

You see life will challenge the endurance of your faith and your love. Maybe your challenge comes in the form of circumstances, your physical body, people! Trust me, if you work with teenagers your endurances will. be. tested.

I am beyond thankful for all of the teenagers I get to work with on a daily basis from the ones that are my "beloved daughters of the faith" and are close enough to call me mommy, mom, or sister and even the ones that still are so nervous they call me Ms. Tate. It is a blessing to be in their lives and encourage them to follow hard after the things of God. However, they can challenge my love walk. Sometimes they disappoint me, sometimes they're rude, sometimes they're disrespectful, sometimes they disregard all instruction, sometimes they just flat out do things that HURT. All of these things challenging me to stay in faith and continue to love with 1 Cor. 13 love. You know that love that's patient, kind, endures, doesn't keep an account of suffered wrongs, believes the best, bears up under ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that comes. Yea.... that kind of love. (I should make a side note that all of the pain that comes from it, is nothing compared to the joy when one "gets" it and is radically on fire for Jesus)

Life may bring many challenges to test your faith and your love, but remember Jesus. He hung on a cross in agonizing pain to pay for the sins of those who moments earlier had spit on Him and yelled out "crucify Him". He paid the price for those He knew would never accept Him. He is our example of endurance. He endured the worst of worse physical and emotional pain and He did it all in love.

Every time I feel my endurance waning I remember Jesus on that cross. I remember that God never gives up on me. He continues to love and to love and to love and to pour out blessing, favor, joy, mercy, grace. He's a God whose love is unending and unconditional. "consider Him who endured such opposition from sinners so that you will not grow weary and lose heart" (Hebrews 12:3) "Do not grow weary in doing good..." (Galatians 6:9)

I am praying for your endurance. For your faith and love walk to be strengthened, so that we may all continue to press on to the high calling of  knowing Jesus Christ intimately! Don't grow weary. Stand strong against the enemy. Get fueled up in the presence of God and go out and be light and love.

I won't be blogging for a few days because today, I'm jumping on the airplane... again! Heading out to the East coast to meet up with one of my favorite evangelists and father's in the faith to work on a book we've been writing, as well as preach at two churches, so be praying! Along with ministry time I have the BLESSING of meeting up with a dear friend who has also been to Congo. So we are looking forward to lots of hugs, sharing hearts, affirmation, and quality time to build each other up! Most of this being done on the beach also working on my tan. LOL. I fully intend on coming back from this trip with my body rested, my faith boosted, and rejuvenated to come back 110% ready to see Jesus shake things up!

See you guys in a few days. Love living life with you. Be Blessed, J. Tate

PS: If you have not signed up to receive TPT daily devotionals, YOU SHOULD. Several of them this week have rocked my socks off. Starting next week I am planning to start posting 1-2 of them a week or as Holy Spirit leads. YOU WILL BE BLESSED.