Brian Simmons Whisper

Another whisper from Brian Simmons. I Hear His Whisper

"My hand grips your life. It is because I have held you that you have not fallen or given up. My strong right hand holds you, even when you don't know what to do. Many times My power has brought you deliverance, and you did not recognize that it was Me. I have ways to protect and to heal that my people have not yet discovered.

"The strength of My power is the secret weapon that I hold and will use on your behalf. If the enemy comes against you I will confront Him, for I uphold you with the right hand of My power.

"My servant David learned the lessons of the secret of My power. This is how he fought and won every battle. When you cannot see My power that doesn't mean it is not actively working to bring you victory. My visible power will spark miracles, but My invisible power is the grace that upholds you and makes you strong. Trust in the secret of My power and you will learn the secrets of My ways."

Psalm 63:8 The Passion Translation "With passion I pursue and cling to You. Because I feel Your grip on my life, I keep my soul close to Your heart."