Take A Moment To Remember

"Take a moment to remember who God is and who I am, there You go lifting my load again. No longer am I held by the yoke of this world. Take upon you the yoke of Jesus His yoke is easy and His burden so light" (take a moment by united pursuit) The burdens of life can be so heavy and that's why Jesus says to "Come to Him", His yoke is easy and His burden is light. Just take a moment and remember who God is and who you are to Him.

There's a lot I still have to learn from Holy Spirit, my Iris family, and 1 Corinthians 13. Every time I'm with them, no matter where in the world we are, I leave feeling loved extremely well and desiring to love better. At the heart of Iris DNA is the two greatest commandments. Being people who love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and loving your neighbor as yourself. The core values deposited into this family always release a fragrance of worship and adoration to our King, then humility and servanthood to others.

This weekend I came to minister and instead was so ministered to. Loved on by a friend of a friend who is now a friend. Worship passionately sung at the top of our lungs, lots of laughter, rest on the beach, and affirmation through so many outlets. Then loved on and poured into by spiritual parents who have laid their lives down to parent a generation growing up with a hunger to love Jesus and change the world. I was loved so well and was able to get much needed rest and refreshment.

The thing is there will be days we are LOVED EXTRAVAGANTLY by those around us and there will be days where you are betrayed, trampled on, forgotten, and mistreated. And yet if we would just take a moment to remember who God is.

A loving Father who loves us and gives us the grace to love others. Through it all we can keep our eyes on Him and be reminded to love, keep loving, love some more, get lower still, and love more. Then love more.

I find that the more I am captivated by Him the less I am concerned with how people treat me and I'm way more focused on loving Him and loving others regardless of how I'm treated. Love will win. Love will prevail. Love will endure. Revival will be ushered in by lovers. So take a moment and remember.

Be blessed, J. Tate