Jesus Is Into Details

"We have a problem in our generation where we are comparing our lives to other people's highlights" -Havilah Cunningham  (Obedience: An Opportunity) For years I would read books about the testimonies of the people like Heidi Baker, Corrie Ten Boom, Kathryn Kuhlman, and other fanatical, faith filled, evangelists and missionaries. I'd read those stories and something inside of me would get so ignited to make a difference, to be fearless, to do more, to love Jesus like they did, (all good things) but then as I walked into my classroom to teach children in Liberty, Tx all of the sudden my life seemed so pointless and inadequate.

How could I ever measure up? How could my life be meaningful and impactful? How could I ever show Jesus how much I loved Him when my life was so ordinary?

What we often don't realize is that there's a lot of life that goes on that we know nothing about in between people's headliners. Lots of details that seem so ordinary.

Two months ago I was in an active war zone, but right now I'm sitting on my couch with a cup of coffee in my hand. I took a shower. I chatted with my dad about him buying a car. Sure I talked to the Creator of the Universe, but other than that so far today has been just normal, everyday, details. And yet, right here, in these moments, Jesus presents Himself often unnoticed.

You see God isn't so concerned about the "highlights" in our lives as He is about our heart in the day to day. Today, will I acknowledge Him, listen for Him, obey Him, even though I won't step into the pulpit, I'm not in an active conflict zone, and will actually spend most of my time today at my desk. Today as you stay at home to raise your kids, or you go into the office, or you meet with a client, or maybe you are on the field praying for the sick, maybe you're picking up groceries for the family, or putting gas in your car, maybe it's just ordinary details, but will you make Him Lord in these moments? Will you have faith and obedience in the details?

Ministry that glorifies Jesus is finding value in the one in front of you. Today many people will cross your path that God so wants you to pour His love into, but if we're consumed with someone else's highlights we won't see the value in the one in front of us.

Every life matters to God. Every single person. The kids, adults, preachers, murderers, prostitutes, homeschoolers, politicians, stay at home mom's, missionaries, and so on. Our character is displayed in details not in highlights. Being faithful with little is what enables us to be faithful with much.

I've always liked the quote, "comparison is a thief of joy", and I've found that comparison is a stumbling block to obedience. Love where you are. Be faithful in the details. Be a person of character, integrity, justice, mercy, faithfulness, compassion, and unconditional love. What you do is important. The one in front of you is valuable.

Be Blessed, J. Tate