Brian Simmons Whisper

I hear Him whisper..."Your life is in My hands. Your days have been ordered and set in place by Love. Even if you were to pass through life's darkest shadows, fear will be far from you for I am near. You see ups and downs, I see you ascending the Hill of My holiness. It is true that I have placed you at My right hand in the heavenly realms, but your understanding of My ways has not yet excelled. Come up higher through the open door, which is My open heart for you. I will teach you My ways and begin to implant My thoughts deeper into you. Many are convinced that they know Me, but they know so little of My Mysteries. Come and sit with Me in the heavenly realm and I will disclose My heart to you and teach you out of Zion's glory.

"Make yourself available to Me and I will dispense My Spirit through you into others. You can say no longer, 'Some day God will use me,' when that day has already come. I will use you this day as you make yourself available to Me and let Me fill you with My Spirit." "I will give you Wisdom. Others will give you opinions and truths, I will give you Wisdom. No longer will you live like you are unwise and untaught, for Wisdom has come to live in you as you feed upon My Word. My Wisdom will open doors for you into the glory of each day. Wisdom builds for future plans, but wisdom is seen by those who cherish each day as My gift. Many are robbed of Today because they have their hearts set on Someday. My Wisdom will give you Light to live this day in Truth and Victory. The restoration of Wisdom has begun, and I call you to carry My Wisdom, Jesus Christ, and reveal Him to the nations. "I will cause you to reap. Fruit comes from Me and the work of My Spirit and not the labors of men."