That Sermon

"Whether you got this figured out or you're stumbling because of it, either way this is good news, and you should rejoice" That sermon...You know the one I'm talking about... the one where everything the Pastor is saying reverberates in your core and you feel like everyone else should disappear, so that you can let it all soak in while telling God you're listening. Yeah... last night was one of those and I was one of the ones stumbling because of it.

The Word of God Truth. It is real. It is Alive. He is the Word and the Word is God. Doing the Word brings the Word's promises, failing to do the Word brings consequences. It can really be summed up with, "if you sow in the flesh you reap in the flesh, and if you sow in the Spirit, you reap in the Spirit"

You may be reading along in the Word one day and find a scripture that just begins to resonate in you. Perhaps it's a scripture God is using to encourage your faith, perhaps it's a scripture He's using to instigate change, perhaps it's a scripture to bring healing and hope. Whatever it may be, that Word whether from reading it or hearing it is meant to ignite your Spirit to believe and do what is being said.

I've found that one of the greatest things about God is that His mercy is unending. There's no problem so big He can't fix it. There's no mess I can create that He can't walk me out of. There's no pain so severe that He can't heal it. There's no situation too far gone to be restored. His love endures long, it's patient, it's kind, it doesn't keep an account of suffered wrong, He's always lovingly waiting for us to get back in faith and believe the Word.

I listened to a sermon a few years ago, "God has a plan", and it rocked the way I looked at trials, tests, pressures, even my own mistakes and failures. And the sermon boiled down to this, God ALWAYS has a plan. That plan is ALWAYS for your good.

You have a purpose. You have an assignment. God wants to not only lavish His love on you and pursue you, He wants you to be an active part in His body, participating in bringing His kingdom to this earth. Surrender your will, your plans, your desires, and trust God's plan. Trust Him for your strength, trust Him for your peace, trust Him for restoration, trust Him... He is trustworthy. Your situation can turn around in a second, if you'll get in faith. "Unrelenting disappointment leaves you heartsick, but a sudden good break can turn life around" (Proverbs 13:12)

Trust Him.

Be Blessed, J. Tate