Using the Weak

"One of the greatest revelations for any Christian is realizing the depth of who you are in Christ. I am convinced that when you begin to grasp, even slightly, the Truth of who and what you are in Him the enemy goes into code red to attack and steal your faith in the understanding  that you have just gained. As the picture of your identity comes into alignment with your confidence in your assignment, the powers of hell begin to quake. A believer who has enough trust and faith to actually walk in the authority, power, and love given to them in Christ is one dangerous force to be reckoned with. I would consider these people to be the Delta force, MI 6, Army rangers, in God’s Kingdom and yet at the same time it is available to anyone who believes. As important as it is to know who you are in Christ, it is as vitally important to also recognize and acknowledge who you are not without Him. Not understanding the Truth about Him in you or you without Him, leaves a gaping hole in your defenses against a very real enemy."

Those two paragraphs are a small chunk of an autobiographical rant of sorts (possibly a book eventually) that I started a few weeks ago as God began dealing with me on many issues of my heart, false mindsets, and other issues that He is working in me to move me forward in faith of His Truths.

Many of you reading this can easily identify times when God gave you revelation of who He is, who you are in Him, your assignments, your authority, your identity, and immediately it felt as though every power of hell came to prove to you that none of that was true, you weren't able, He isn't, you aren't, it's not possible, or sometimes just to put you in circumstances where you begin to try and do things in your own strength.

"Using the Weak" is about learning the truth of how weak I am on my own, but how STRONG He is in me. I in myself do not have any power over anything. I don't have the ability to fix or change things. In this complete revelation of how truly weak I am, we are able to submit to and freely move into the Truth of how powerful God is. "In my weakness, He is strong". In the place of humbly admitting my feebleness, I see Him with new revelation. Then you get a hold of scriptures like, "I have been crucified with Christ it's no longer I who lives, but He who lives in me".

When I understand that I must die... my weak, feeble, natural, unable self, must die, I can then humbly invite a very Alive, powerful, loving, mighty, Jesus to come possess my reigns. When this occurs, my weakness, gives place for His strength to work in and through me. So now, it's no longer me being the working power. It's not me trying to get victory, it's not me trying to heal the sick, it's not me trying to fix broken hearts, it's not be trying to get answers. It all becomes Him. Situations that seemed impossible become possible. Healing comes. Miracles come. Restoration comes. It's a phenomena that doesn't make much sense to a natural mind, but to a spiritual mind, it is liberation! What I couldn't do on my own, He can come do... and instantly.

I've watched over the last few months as I tried to handle situations in my own strength, I continued to fail, and I watched the moments that I fell flat on my face and allowed Jesus to come be my Strength. I felt more weak than I have ever had. When I finally decided to step into the reality that I may not be able to fix anything, not myself, not others, not circumstances, not the sick person in front of me, but He could fix everything. Situations began to turn around. I was amazed that even though I was feeling so far from worthy of being used, God begin to bring people across my path to minister to, to love on, to pray and see them healed.

Humility and Identity in Christ go hand and hand. God wants you to rely on Him. He wants to be the driving force in your life. He wants you to know that He is the Everything and yet, Everything lives inside of you. Alpha and Omega comes and dwells in you. The Great I Am wants to work through you. Nothing is impossible WITH God.

Be Blessed, J. Tate