"Pearls" I woke up nice and early to my phone buzzing due to friends in other nations that are less than concerned with time differences, the house was quiet and dark, when something caught my eye. A strand of pearls on my dresser. I'll be honest I didn't think much of it as I grabbed my Bible, laptop, and a cup of coffee to come sit and have my favorite time of the day, early mornings with my Jesus. I read a little in the Word and was going to go ahead and type up a blog that had been stirring in my heart since last night with another excerpt from my book, "Using the Weak".  Then I heard a word.


I'll be honest I didn't understand at all, but I'm not dumb enough to think that when Holy Spirit says something that it's insignificant (no matter how crazy it sounds LOL) I've heard messages preached on how pearls are made, so I just googled "how pearls are made", then I was fascinated.

Many of you may know that a pearl is made when an irritant gets inside of an oyster. The article says that it is actually very uncomfortable for the oyster and it begins to react immediately. It puts layer upon layer over the foreign substance until eventually it is made into a pearl.

Life will throw many irritants your way. The truth is that being pruned doesn't ever feel good, but if we stay diligent to respond in faith, eventually beauty comes forth. We look more like Christ. We're stronger than we were before.

Now if that isn't just a perfect sermon illustration and yet it gets even better. Did you know that they have found a way to bring in a greater harvest of pearls? To do this, the harvester goes the oyster, opens up the shell a little bit and cuts a slit in the tissue. The article says this, "In freshwater pearls, cutting the mantle is enough to induce the secretion to produce pearls, without an irritant having to be inserted"

You've heard me say before as I've heard many times, "You can let the Word prune you or you can be pruned by circumstances"

When the Harvester needs pearls to come forth, if the pearl is in fresh water (THE WORD), all He has to do is put a little prick and immediately that oyster starts making pearls.

In life there will be many times that God wants to prune you by the Word!!! If you are in the Word then it will work as a two edged sword to prick at the areas of your life that God wants changed. If you'll be open to Holy Spirit's leading, then just that prick will be enough for you to start seeing a pearl come forth. However, if we aren't in the washing of the Word, if we aren't willing to produce when that prick comes forth, then an irritant will soon be coming your way!!

Get in the Word. Allow the Word to shape you and mold you. Listen to Holy Spirit as He guides us to look more like Christ. All I know is I'd rather be pricked by the Word than to deal with an irritant.

Either way you can trust that at the end of your discomfort a pearl will come forth. Beauty will come from your trials and testing. He is faithful to see you ALL THE WAY through.

Be Blessed, J. Tate