Passion Translation Whisper

From Brian Simmons. Be on the lookout for Ephesians, Hebrews, and James! Coming soon. Enjoy. Good night KISS from Heaven:

I hear His whisper...

"I am building your life into a masterpiece of love. Just as a builder lays a foundation for a large and strong house, I have laid a deep foundation in your life. This foundation is built upon the Rock of Truth. I have set up your walls and strengthened your being. You will be a stronghold of My presence and I will display you to the world as My beautiful, artistic masterpiece!

"Sacred blood I gave for you. Holy hands were opened to receive your nails. Beautiful feet that walked the streets of Jerusalem were pierced so that you would walk the streets of holiness with Me. I will bring My plans to pass. My longings for your life will be fulfilled. Do not look at the structure and say that it is inferior. Look at My wisdom and say, "You do all things well." Even now I am preparing the next steps of your journey with Me. I am building you into a house of glory that I might show My overcoming, conquering strength on your behalf. Slowly and carefully, as the Master Builder I have constructed you and built you up. The superstructure is now seen and I will finish what I have begun.

"Many times you have asked Me, 'Why does this take so long?' Yet My work continues even when you cannot discern it. The swiftness of My unfolding plan will depend upon your heart receiving truth. Be teachable before Me and will move you forward. For your receptivity of truth will hasten My work within you. I am building for eternity, and with eternal wisdom. Generation to generation My work moves forward, though often not perceived by men. When you open the door to truth within your spirit, I will flood you with revelation light. Your eyes will brighten with hope as you discern the plans I have for you. Accept My timing and My wisdom and you will be taken higher and further into My ways.

"Evil will not hinder Me, for I overcome evil with Good. There is nothing that can hinder My Spirit from bringing you into perfection. Receive from Me all that you lack and you will see every limitation broken from off your life. I speak to you this day: Believe in My wise plan for your life, look to Me and it will come to pass. My power and grace will rise up within you and what now seems impossible will be lifted from you. Your limitations are invitations for My power to deliver you. I will never fail you or disappoint you. My promises are rainbows of hope that cover you. My declarations over your life are greater than your heartache. Your tears are liquid words that I read and understand. Never doubt My conquering love, for I have determined to build you up into a spiritual house filled with trust, hope, and love."