Passion whisper

Good night KISS from Heaven: I hear Him whisper...

"Set your heart on Me. When you see something inside your soul that you lack, focus on Me. I am to be the center on which your life turns. When your eyes are fixed on Me, the supply of My Spirit flows into you. My love for you is like a rising tide, You never need to "try" to love someone, My love is sufficient for you and for them. The glory-flow of My love will be enough for you and enough to give to others. Set your heart on Me, and not the petty offences that come between you and another. My love will erase and cover a multitude of sins. When My Spirit fills you every other thing is swept away and forgotten. This is how My persecuted ones endure -- for they set their focus on My love.

"The shining of My love upon you is the Light that guides, warms, nourishes, and strengthens. Turn your heart to the Light of My love and I will pull the "weeds" from your garden that hinder our fruit from coming forth. When you turn to Me I will accomplish what all your strivings have not-- I will change you from the inside out. I am patient and kind, and there is so much more compassion in My heart toward you than you have realized. You are not a disappointment to Me, but a delight!

"Remember the price I paid to purchase your soul. I have given My Son, My Treasure, My Holy Spirit, and My Heart for you. When you feel that I am distant, bathe your heart once again in My love and push aside the lies that would deceive you. I know you, I understand the moving of your heart, and I know every word you will speak before you even start a sentence. The pleasure I find in you is not because of your "works," but because of your love. Having never seen Me, yet you love Me. I will never leave you or diminish the strength of My love toward you.

"Whenever you turn your focus to Me and set your gaze on things above, I am stirred to bring you into greater measures of My love and holiness. Let nothing silence your songs of praise, and let nothing stand in your way as you pursue the quest for even more of My love." Colossians 2:14-15 The Passion Translation "And through the divine authority of His cross, He cancelled out every legal violation we had on our record and the old arrest warrant that stood to indict us. He erased it all—our sins, our stained soul, and our shameful failure to keep His laws—He deleted it all and they cannot be retrieved! Everything we once were in Adam has been placed onto His cross and nailed permanently there as a public display of cancellation! Then Jesus made a public spectacle of all the powers and principalities of darkness, stripping away from them every weapon and all their spiritual authority and power to accuse us. And by the power of the cross, Jesus led them around as prisoners in a procession of triumph! He was not their prisoner; they were His!"