The New News

My Friends and Family,I'm sorry that I haven't been a faithful blogger as of late, but let me share with you some news and happenings in my world.

Early in July a Pastor I greatly respect came up to me and said I want to share something I heard when I saw you yesterday. "You are coming into a season of rest, restoration, and learning" Little did he know, but I had already been feeling this (and been told similar things from three other people) and was simply praying for God's direction on what steps to take.

After prayer, counsel, and confirmation... I will be moving at the end of August to Redding, California to attend Bethel School of the Supernatural Ministry. Bethel has risen up as a hub for the presence of God in our nation. It is a place that people from all over the world are coming to be immersed in the culture they've created there. From the amazing worship that most of us listen to, the revelation from a team of seasoned Bible believing pastors, the inner healing ministries of SOZO, and of course the many miracles of healing being documented daily. I believe this will be a season where I will truly rest and learn.

These last few years have been a whirlwind of going and doing, from teaching, coaching, youth pastoring, missions, starting a non-profit... and boy have I loved it. I simply love what God has allowed me to do in my life. I love serving Him at home and in the nations, but I so feel the season shifting where I will be spending some time resting, watching God restore, and learning.

It's amazing how that season is already taking place in the natural as I find myself taking naps (LOL I never do that), hungering to study the Word and read more than ever, and watching God restore and address issues in my own personal life.

I am excited about this opportunity and I'm jumping in with both feet in faith believing God to provide and guide my steps. Rural-Awakening will continue to have it's conferences and you can still keep up to date with all that RA is doing on the website!

Some practicals: Bethel church website: School is from September-May There are 1,200 first year students BSSM is an optional 3 year program Tuition is $4,400 + our normal living expenses (rent/utilities/insurance etc.) I'm renting a room in a house with FIVE other young women I will be getting a part time job If you would like my address (who doesn't love mail?) contact me and I can get it to you You can donate towards my tuition at this link I will continue to have newsletters, but will be transferring that to email updates, if you'd like to be on that list just get your email to me and I'll add you!

Thank you so much for your continual support of me and all that God assigns me to do. I am constantly amazed at how much my community of friends and family supports me through the various adventures I'm led to do!!

As Always Be Blessed, J. Tate