You're Blameless

"...Death is swallowed up in victory, Oh death where is your victory, oh death where is your sting? The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is in the law, but thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ..." (1 Cor. 15:57) 

Did you know that sin is powerless over you? The power of sin has been broken! Did you know that God is not afraid of your sin? He is not shaken or shocked by your humanity, your sin doesn't take Him off guard, or cause Him to second guess His plans for your life. 

Now let me set a precursor here, God hates sin. Sin is the very opposite of His holy nature. He is a HOLY God. He is a perfect God. We should desire to be holy as He is holy. We should "clothe ourselves with Christ", we should "put on the new self", we should "make every effort" to live as children of light, as many Bible verses encourage us to do and yet... you will still miss it. 

Choosing to willingly sin is ... well... how do I put it nicely... unwise? Okay, choosing to sin is dumb. We see over and over again the truth that sin will have consequences in your life, but its power to keep you from God has been completely broken. 

The simple reality is, even though we are children of God, and even though it is not our "nature" to sin any more, we will still make mistakes and your mistakes don't send God into a panic attack. He took care of the sin problem on the cross and it is a finished deal. 

I had the opportunity recently to have a long conversation with one of my spiritual daughters about sin nature, walking in the Spirit, God's reaction to our sin, our reaction to our sin, etc. I firmly believe that many of us live in a false reality that somehow believes that when we sin God is shocked. That somehow our all knowing, Alpha and Omega, Creator of the universe, who planned Jesus Christ before the foundation of the earth, is taken a little off guard when His precious little baby makes a mistake. He's sitting up there on the throne in heaven going, "Oh gees, I didn't expect that, how will we ever get him/her back on track, how will they ever be able to accomplish my will for their life?" God knew that we'd mess up long before He created us, He knew you'd sin before He placed assignments on your life, He knew that you'd do something dumb and yet still desired to make your mortal body the dwelling place of Holy Spirit who is the fullness of the Godhead living in you. 

Your sin has no power to stop you from fellowship with God. The blood of Jesus covers your past, present, and future sins. You are responsible for accepting that payment, asking for forgiveness, and trusting the power of the blood to make you clean, spotless, righteous, and therefore blameless before our Holy God. 

Your enemy is not unaware of this Truth. He therefore attacks your mind to give you a sin consciousness. He wants you to be more aware of your sin than you are of Jesus redeeming work on the cross. If you will focus on your sin then you will accept false truths about who God is, who you are, and sin's power in your life. I am not undermining the fact that sin is a bad idea. It will have tangible consequences, but we serve a God who broke that power of sin to hinder you if you're willing to run to Him, His mercy, His grace, and His redemptive work in Jesus. God can make the impossible possible. He can redeem the worst of situations, but we have to believe His Word about us. 

When you sin don't believe the lie that there is no hope for redemption. Don't believe the lie that God is somehow taken aback by your sin. Don't believe the lie that you are a dirty, worthless, sinner. Trust the Word which says, you have been made righteous in Christ Jesus, sin has no power over you, He casts your sins as far as the east is to the west, nothing is impossible with God... 

We must stand on God's Word to determine God's character and stop listening to the lies of the enemy about what our own Father's nature is. We must stand on God's Word to determine our position and not look to those around us to call out our destiny. We are not defined by our mistakes or failures, we're defined by the Word of God. 

"Therefore if anyone is in Christ, He is a new creature, old things have passed away, behold all things are made new" 

Be Blessed, 
J. Tate