He is Holy

HOLY Spirit is... We were doing three days of a camp and outreach in Haiti and I was loving every minute of watching my team come to life on foreign soil. Like a proud mama seeing hearts ignite for what my heart burned for I bounced around with a full heart and a smile as they loved the forgotten, laid hands on the sick, led many to Jesus, and preached heaven on earth.

So when the missionary told me I needed to preach the last session I was a little, ummm, not so thrilled. She kept on me and finally I submitted to her wishes. Then the morning of Holy Spirit spoke, tell them I am in them, tell them who I Am, tell them I am holy. I Am HOLY. I am HOLY. I am HOLY SPIRIT. Oh sweet Jesus can't I preach my love message? Can't I talk about the things that make them dance or the ones that make us cry as were moved by Your love? I didn't even want to speak, can't you let me be the funny speaker?

The majority of us don't comprehend exactly Who lives in us. We love to talk about what He does for us. Empowers us, gives us peace, reveals the Father... All true. All good. But grasping the fact that The Holy One resides inside your mortal body? The One who caused Ezekiel to fall on His face crying out I AM UNCLEAN! The One who told Moses he couldn't even handle the glory of His face. Thank God for the blood of Jesus and the dispensation of grace, but our blood covering has not diminished His holiness one ounce.

And yet we live day in and day out with disregard for the complete Holy One that has submitted Himself to dwell in our mortal bodies. He inside of you is Holy. He inside of you hates sin. He inside of you would prefer not to watch that movie filled of "entertainment" that violates the very Word He has given to us. He inside of you hates sin with such a ferocity that it flooded the world and yet loves you with such a ferocity that He killed His son. That same Holy One loves you so much that even though we subject Him to a lifestyle that He chose not to walk, still continues to lovingly and gently correct as He nudges us in the right direction.

We must not forget the character or the One who dwells in this body, His temple. We must not stop honoring who He is just because He chose to live in us. Paul instructs us that this body is the temple of the HOLY Spirit. Once giving your life to Christ it's no longer yours to foul up, but rather His to Kingdom line up!!!

He is Holy. Honor Him in your heart, mind, soul, and actions.

Be Blessed, J. Tate