Our Wonder

I woke up feeling the beckoning to go be with the One I love. I grabbed a jacket (yeah it's cold enough here for a jacket), a cup of coffee, and went to sit out on our porch as the sun rose up over the hills. The drawing nudge inside my stomach disappeared with a simple, "Hey Daddy".

I poured out my heart in the cool morning, sharing every detail of the issues, thoughts, questions, concerns, that had been on my mind as His reassuring peace and grace washed over me, feeling almost like a tangible blanket wrapping around, spirit, soul, and body.

Rarely an hour goes by in the Bethel community that someone isn't talking about God. God His presence, God His voice, God His miracles, God His will, God His Word, God His character, God His wisdom... Praying for each other, praying for someone else, worshipping, witnessing, prophesying, seeing miracles, or simply speaking life and encouragement. It's a culture here. A culture that I'm only just beginning to be opened up to. A culture that at its core, is truly just in awe of who God is, every minute, every day, in awe even in the most simple things.

I've seen miracles, I've seen prophesy, I've seen healing, I've worshipped, I've known God, but oh how easy it is to lose our wonder. As I listened to the words of "Wonder" by Bethel this morning, my heart was stirred.

May we never lose our wonder May we never lose our wonder Wide eyed and mystified May we be just like a child Staring at the beauty of our King

I remember the radical wonderment the day after I got saved. I remember the deep awe as I begin to hear Him speak to me. I'll never forget the first person I led to the Lord. Oh and of course all of the first "big" instantaneous healings. Watching blind eyes open, deaf ears begin to hear, seeing an arm grow back, someone get up out of a wheel chair, cancer disappearing, and on and on it goes. The complete astonishment of how big, loving, and powerful my God was left me in complete wonder of who He is.

In a place where the prophesy, miracles, salvations, healing, deliverance, and just overall presence of God is well... normal, you would think at some point over the years that people might start to lose their wonder, and yet it seems that... they haven't.

Then I got my answer as I walked back into my house, my roommate (her fourth year out here at bethel) on the floor, tears flowing, "how great your love is for me" being played from her computer, I had to sit down as the presence and love of God again was overwhelming, tears flowed... and I understood.

This culture has an overflow of the supernatural, but the main trend I've seen in students, leaders, and pastors alike they just never stop being in awe of the beauty of our King. In less than a week I've heard testimonies of things out here that I've only dreamed of seeing with my own eyes. The continuation of the book of Acts being written on a daily basis not just inside the church healing rooms, but in the local starbucks, trader joes, and wal-mart. Bethel students leaving Redding and bringing what was imparted to their hometowns and the nations. (What I've dreamed of seeing done in my hometown for years)

But they're not simply in awe with His hand, they're in awe of Him. His beauty. Psalms 27:4 sitting in His courts beholding His beauty forevermore. The simple fact that the Creator of the universe wants relationship with us. He comes near. His presence is real. He wraps His loving blanket around our shoulders and listens to our heart. He pours out His love into a living room just to say, I love you. He's a good Father. Who He is, it should leave us in awestruck wonder. The cross of Christ forever stirring our hearts.

May we never lose our wonder, Be Blessed, J. Tate