Just A Crutch

I've heard many people say, "religion is a crutch", and to which I reply. Yep, it certainly is. Christianity (Following Jesus Christ) is a crutch for me. John 14 says, that Holy Spirit is my Helper. So when I feel broken I turn to Him to lean on, to help me walk, to get me through the day. The thing is, it is a crutch, but it's not JUST a crutch. It's so much more.

Christianity is the very eyes with which I see the world. I should view God, myself, others, everything and everyone as He does. As the Word does.

When I look at a person I remember that the Word says, God knew them before they were even formed in their mother's womb. I remember the Word says, He cares for them. So when I see a person, I must look at them through His eyes, they are valuable and He sees them with love, care, compassion.

When a trial comes my way, the Word says to take joy because it produces various fruits in my life. So when I see a trial I don't get discouraged or dejected, I don't get overwhelmed, I see the trial the way the Word sees it. A trial is simply an opportunity to mature and grow closer to my Creator.

There are so many other examples for how the Word is to be the very eyes with which we approach life. Christianity isn't just a crutch, it's so much more than that. It's my eyes, it's my hands, it's my feet, it's my brain. Jesus is how I function.

It's time we stopped being more engaged and familiar with earthly culture than we are with Kingdom Culture. Don't see the way the world says to see, see what He sees. Don't talk the way they talk, talk how He talks. Allow the Word to change your environment instead of allowing your outward environment to influence you.

Be Blessed, J. Tate