Expectation Vs. Expectancy

I am a woman of much expectation. Some would say I'm a big dreamer. I'll admit it, I am. One of my favorite things to do is get with God and begin to dream about what He wants to do in me, in my family, in my church, in my city, in my nation, etc.I'll never forget as a young Christian my amazement and awe as I began to watch God do things and open doors that I had "only dreamed of". Still to this day I love to DREAM BIG and trust God to supernaturally do what I can't do myself.

Recently in a meeting, the pastor assigned to my group here at school, made a comment that deeply caught my attention. He said, "Don't come to our meetings with an expectation, come with expectancy, your expectations limit God to only what you are expecting, but expectancy leaves it open for Him to do beyond what you can imagine".


Now I know this is simply a wording issue, but what a powerful one it is. I think it is so good to dream big and have expectations, to strategically petition the throne room for things we're believing for. I really love this quote from Bill Johnson, "Most of the Church is waiting for the next big command from God, but God is waiting for the dreams of His Church."

I believe in many ways the people of God have lost the art of DREAMING! However, I think it is incredible to walk into a church service with no expectations, but great expectancy. Giving God room to literally do WHATEVER HE WANTS. What if we walked into our services not expecting His presence to come in and do it the way He's done it before, but rather with great expectancy we surrendered ourselves so fully that we actually ran the risk of God doing something we've never seen Him do before. What if we so surrendered we were willing to become undignified at the moving of His Spirit.

In the place of greatest surrender we'll find the greatest encounters and demonstration of the character of God. This is what we need. We need encounters with the raw Presence and Power of the living God. The powerful Presence that destroys yokes of bondage in an instant. The Presence that heals diseases. The Presence that reveals your true identity. In His presence fears, insecurities, doubts, jealousy, frustrations are penetrated by the Power of His great Love.

We owe the world an encounter with the God of Love and Power, but we can't offer what we haven't experienced.

Be Blessed, J. Tate