The Hike

God knows the end from the beginning.Do you realize that before the foundation of the earth God knew I'd be typing these keys right now getting ready to tell you a story about God and His amazing authorship of our lives?!?

So my friends and I went on a hike. I wore shorts because hey we're hiking several miles up a mountain. It didn't take long before I realized a grave mistake. Yep, it was snowing on us and the closer we got to the peak the more ice and snow was surrounding us.

Besides the fact that my legs were red as strawberries and my fingers felt like they might snap off from frost bite, the more we climbed, the bigger I felt the urge to go on until... BAM. Kairos moment.

As I turned and looked out over the mountain everything was white! Completely white. I could literally see nothing. You could not tell where the sky ended and earth began.

The funny thing is... I'd seen this once before. Four years ago I was in New Mexico riding up to the top of the mountain when I looked up and saw that there was no separation from the land and the sky. Holy Spirit spoke to me and said (paraphrasing), "This is how I want it to be, heaven so much on earth that you can't tell the difference"

Now here I am years later on a mountain in California and Holy Spirit reminded me of the previous moment. I'm in a place where this is our theme. "On earth as it is in heaven". It's talked about everywhere everyday. Here I was freezing on the side of the mountain in California, reminded of a moment I'd had years later, and realizing I'm seeing the fullness of that moment... now.

As I stood in awe of where I was and what was going on the wind began to blow HARD. All I could do is laugh and cry, tears welling up as laughter was flowing out and I looked at my friend and simply said, "He knows I feel Him the most in the wind"

Holy Spirit was just reminding me of how in charge God really is. Four years ago, God showed me something that I had no understanding for. Heaven on earth? It was more a concept than a reality. I understood He wanted earth to look like heaven, but had no clue how to make that happen. And now four years later I stood on the side of the mountain and I'm seeing what He really means.

God wants heaven on earth. Like literally. "You will be done on earth as it is in heaven". I'm seeing the lost saved, the blind see, the demon possessed set free, liberty to the captives, the broken healed, and on and on. Heaven is invading earth.

Be Blessed, J. Tate