Forever Yes

Say "yes" to God in a way that it settles all of your future decisions -Bill Johnson

I like to read Bible stories as though I'm literally in them. I imagine the emotions stirring in Abraham as God instructed him to take his son, "the son whom he loved", and offer him as a burnt offering. In Genesis 22 it says that EARLY the next morning Abraham saddled his donkey to be on the journey. Abraham didn't delay in being obedient to the voice of God. The reality is that Abraham had said "yes" long before God asked him to offer up Isaac. You see in Genesis 12:1 God instructs him to leave everything and go forward to a new land. Hebrews 11:8 says "by faith Abraham went out, though he knew not where he was going."

Abraham said yes to faith. His yes, was such a bold yes, such a committed yes, that it was YES from that day forward. No matter what God would ask of Him, Abraham's faith said, YES.

As I sat in class on Tuesday I felt a burning inside my belly almost like someone had lit a match inside of my physical being. Bill Johnson was teaching us about surrendering all and saying yes. He told us his story of how he first said yes, along with stories of other revivalists (he's about to put a book out on this and you won't want to miss it!) who had encounters with the Lord that forced them to say "YES GOD!" in such a powerful way that it set the course for all future decisions.

When Abraham said yes to leave everything behind (family, finances, security, familiarity, safety)  and by faith go out to a new land, Abraham didn't just say yes for that one moment, he was saying yes, God, forever yes. Yes I will go anywhere you lead. Yes I will do anything you ask. Yes God, I'm all yours.

Have you made that decision of yes? That yes that launches you into a realm of faith that seems risky? That realm of faith that seems impossible? That realm of faith that seems to cost more than what you think you can handle? That realm of faith that detaches you from natural security and puts complete dependence on a supernatural God?

The greatest revivalists in history have their "absolute yes" moments. The yes moments that didn't just affect that one moment of their life, but rather settled the answer to every question God would ever pose in the future.

So as God instructed Abraham to take Isaac and offer him up, Abraham didn't have a decision to make. The decision had been made many years before. "Yes God, Always Yes"

The greatest thing about this story is that it wasn't Isaac who died that day on that mountain, it was Abraham. He once again proved to God that he would never withhold his "yes" to God. Anything that God ever asked of him, the answer would be yes. He truly was a living sacrifice.

Will you say yes? Be Blessed, J. Tate