Created For A Love Story

"I was created for a love story, it's You and me" (Love Story by Bethel Music) I was out in the neighborhood for my work out, just talking to Jesus, when I began to remember certain events in my life that made my heart melt inside of me. They seemed to be streaming through my mind like a highlight reel. Soon I was so overcome with love that I just sat down on the sidewalk and began to thank God for the Father, Friend, Savior, Love of my life that He is.

Those of you that are married can probably easily understand the feeling. You know when you think of "that song" or event that rush back memories of love and intimacy. How about the first time you said, "I love you". The first kiss. The first time you had a heart to heart conversation where you really laid bear who you are. The time you laughed until you cried. The many moments that have created your love story.

Bill says, "All meaningful relationships require vulnerability". That ability to be the real you with another person (and God) allowing them a place that lays it all out and says HERE AM I, this is me, now will I be rejected or will I be loved? Will I be hurt or will I be accepted for the real me. This is what God is wanting, He's wanting us to lay our WHOLE selves out before Him. Our successes and failures, our strengths and weaknesses, the good, the bad, the ugly, the managed and mismanaged, laying everything before Him, so that He can still say, I CHOOSE YOU. No matter your faults, I STILL WANT YOU.

This morning God reminded me of some of our most intimate moments together. The times where I laid myself out before Him humbled and needy. The times He came in and pulled me out of pits of despair. The times where I MESSED UP royally and He still forgave me, dusted me off, and hugged me. The times He just affirmed me of His love with a word or a touch that moved my heart. The times He's had to rewrite lies that I've believed. The times He's had to transform my way of thinking. The times when I had no hope and He came in and restored. The moments I've danced like a foolish child for just Him and me. The times we've laughed and cried. The times I've stretched my faith and trusted Him beyond what makes sense. The times He's done the impossible for me. The times I gave Him my BIG YES, and the times I struggled and shrunk back. On and on the memories went.

All of these moments that have made up our love story, some large encounters that completely changed me, others just daily interaction that have caused my heart to grow more and more fond of Him.

The reality is, I only know how to love Him because He first loved me. I can only love Him to the depth of my understanding of His love for me.

Did you know you were created for a love story? The greatest love story of all time, God and man.

It's your love story. Just Him and you. Be Blessed, J. Tate