Family Houses Revival

This past weekend I was at The Call on UC Berkeley campus. As I had expected it was a day that I believe will mark a shift in the history of America. Fifty years ago a movement was birthed at Berkeley that literally began a time of rebellion in America. That rebellion took shape in the form of families being ripped apart. Parents were against the children and children were against the parents.

Why is this key?

Family houses revival.  (one of our core values at Bethel)

Our first representation of God comes from family. (Highly encourage the book, Experiencing the Father's Embrace) Your parents are direct representatives of how you view God. And eventually how you view God is a direct representation of who you are.

Look around at our society today. We see the direct result of the hearts of the children being TURNED against their parents and the hearts of the parents TURNED against their children. We can see that the enemy HATES FAMILY.

We have CHRISTIANS walking around overwhelmed with fear, shame, guilt, insecurity, jealousy, competition mentality, a lack of deep meaningful relationships, etc. I would present the case, if I had more time, that this flows from a misunderstanding of who you really are and how you are valued by the Father.

As Lou took the stage he told the story of his spiritual son Daniel, who travels and does ministry with him. Daniel woke up one night at 3 am with fear, anxiety, and torment, feeling as though a demon were speaking to him. The demon was saying things like, "Lou doesn't care about you, your relationship is nothing, don't trust him etc" During the same night Lou woke up at 3 am with anxiety and He sought the Lord. God spoke to him to call Daniel and comfort him, but then said this, "Satan hates the relationship between spiritual children and their parents". (The idea of spiritual parents and children spits directly in the face of the enemy's attempt to RUIN family. ) As Lou finished speaking about the importance of Godly parents and spiritual parents, he had Daniel (probably in his 30's) come on stage and play catch with him, he had everyone in the crowd above 30 find someone under 30 and simply love on them and prophesy into their lives. It was a moment where there was a tangible shift in the atmosphere.

There was much worship, much intercession, much prayer, but this was a moment that I believe is marking what God wants to do in America. He wants to restore family, because family will house revival. As people are set free of the identity issues that have been formed, as we raise children who have a genuine concept of what Father God's love is like, we'll begin to see the body of Christ walking OUT OF FEAR, OUT OF DEPRESSION, OUT OF ANXIETY, OUT OF JEALOUSY, OUT OF DOUBTS, OUT OF COMPETITION, OUT OF WORKING FOR LOVE, and into the BOLDNESS, STRENGTH, and POWER that we were created to have.

The devil is terribly afraid of people who know who they are. 

So if you're reading this today and you have fears, doubts, anxiety, jealousy, etc. I encourage you to read the book Experiencing the Father's Embrace, or simply begin to ask Holy Spirit the great Counselor to show you what is the root of those emotions. It's time to cut them out at the root! If you're able to, call your parents, tell them you love them. If you have any pain or hurts towards them go ahead and release them! If you see a child, teenager, or even adult who hasn't had parents that taught them how God truly loves, take them in. Be a spiritual parent to them. Show the devil that he doesn't win.

God is turning the hearts of the children back to the parents and the hearts of the parents back to the children. We will see a generation of healthy family. We will see revival in America. Be Blessed, J. Tate

There is so much more on this topic of repentance, forgiveness, and change of mindset for how you are valued by God, how you are loved by Him. Many of the character, fear, depression, issues that the body is walking in is because of a twisted view of God that was likely formed in their childhood.