Changing My Prayer

For years the cry of my heart has been, "God I want to love you more, help me to love you more!" I've preached over and over, "we don't have a sin problem, we have a LOVE problem" (still believe this is true) I would use John 14 "if you love me, you obey me!" and I would have the teenagers who I love so dear, recite it with me. All the while marching along head strong with my mantra, "WE JUST WANT TO LOVE YOU MORE GOD!"

I know, I know, it sounds great doesn't it? Even Holy? Definitely a winner... but what if, just maybe, God wants that to look different?

I was laying on the floor face up getting completely undone in a spontaneous worship set. I began to just tell Him again what I have said for so long, "God I JUST WANT TO LOVE YOU MORE!" and then God said the craziest thing.

"I just want you to know MY LOVE MORE" 

I was undone. Tears and laughter as God was able to dive into my heart in a way so unexpected.

You see the greatest impact on the human heart is encountering the love of our Creator. Paul prays in Ephesians 3:18 that we would: "be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth, and to know the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled up to all the fullness of God." 

Knowing the love of Christ fills us up to all of the fullness of God. It's not a one time encounter, it's continuous encounters throughout our life that give us greater revelation of JUST HOW MUCH HE LOVES US!

It's not head knowledge, it's our hearts. A heart that knows they are loved thinks differently. There is safety in true love. There is confidence. There is peace.

Many of the issues that the body of Christ faces today simply come from a lack of KNOWING (with the heart) the love of the Father. Identity issues like fear, insecurity, jealousy, unworthiness, sin struggles, comparison, anxiety, depression, hopelessness, pride, and more. Perhaps it's not our lack of love for Him that it is the root issue, but rather, our lack of believing and encountering His love for us. 

I know it seems like a big play on words, but in reality it's a major issue. We love because He first loved us. As I cry out GOD I WANT TO LOVE YOU MORE, I am more focused on me and what I'm going to "do" for Him. That's never been God's heart for mankind.


In the security of His love our love grows in response. In the experiential understanding of His love for me all of my fears disappear (Perfect Love casts out fear), in His love my NEED to be valued is met, my NEED to be intimate is met, my NEED for acceptance is met, my NEED to be noticed is met, the feeling that I have to earn love is destroyed, my deepest insecurities melt away, jealousy is ridiculous to someone who knows how deeply loved they truly are, in His love all of the longings of the human heart are fulfilled.

If His love is just head knowledge then I can say as we've all said, "GOD LOVES ME, I'M HIS FAVORITE" etc. and then begin to look for my needs to be met through other vehicles. I turn to counterfeits like ministry, relationships, or vices for temporary satisfaction. If I'm religiously disciplined enough to not turn to counterfeits then I fall into deeper struggles of the heart like hopelessness, insecurity, fear, depression, and anxiety.

So... I'm changing my prayer. We must begin to pray for the body of Christ as Paul prayed for the believers at Ephesus. We must begin to come into the throne room of the Father saying GIVE ME MORE ENCOUNTERS WITH YOUR HEART OF LOVE FOR ME! I want to be the most confident person in the world of the love of God for me.

And honestly what could be more pleasing to a Father? As a spiritual parent to my daughters, I love when they say "Mom I love you!" but honestly I love it more when I say to them, "I love you more!" and they respond, "I know!". It blesses my heart to know that they know that they know that I love them unconditionally. I love them beyond their flaws, I love them, I love them, and it brings me ultimate joy that they know they are loved.

HOW MUCH MORE does the Father desire for His kids to KNOW THAT THEY KNOW THAT THEY KNOW THAT THEY KNOW they are loved? How much JOY does it bring His heart to see His kids so confident in HIS LOVE that the lies of the enemy aren't given a second thought. In His perfect love we don't have to entertain the lies of the enemy. We don't have to believe that we will fail, we don't have to believe that we are unwanted, we don't have to believe that we are unloved, we don't have to believe that we'll come up short, we don't have to believe that we are under equipped, we don't have to believe that we will lack any good thing!!!

Oh how He loves us friends. Oh how He loves you.

I pray that you would come to know and GROW in the depth of your understanding of His love for you. Be Blessed, J. Tate