What If There's More?

"We can't be intimidated because we're too busy being fascinated" I'm pondering some thoughts this morning, so amuse me and play along.

What if there's so much more __________ than what we've experienced? I've realized something over the last few weeks, many times we don't realize we were bound until we've been set free. When true freedom comes it makes you wonder how you lived deceived for so long.

What if there is a greater depth of freedom for you? I thought I knew God until when I was 16 years oldĀ I encountered God in a way I never had before. At that point I felt the highest of highs and the greatest depth of freedom that I couldn't imagine there being more. Then there was more.

What if there is a place you can go in your identity with Christ that you no longer "fight" insecurity? fear? jealousy? inferiority? work for love mentality? depression? anxiety? insomnia? What if you actually could experience such a freedom, such a deliverance that those issues NEVER had an effect on your life again?

Many of us can't even imagine that. Some of us have lived with these issues for so long that we barely even recognize them. Do you realize that you can live with pain (physical and emotional) for so long that you barely notice it? You can live with anxiety and insecurity for so long that you truly begin to think that's "just who you are". We can have such a fear and jealous mindset that after a few years we don't even look for freedom!

What if there is a place you can go in your relationships where you and your spouse, family, friends actually learn to GROW in love even through conflict? What if you could learn to be so open, so vulnerable, so comfortable with healthy conflict, and such a great communicator that you could be 100% you without insecurity and enjoy thriving loving relationships!

What if there is a place you can go in God where He truly became your Best Friend? "A private place is reserved for the lovers of God where they sit near Him and receive the revelation secrets of His promises" (Ps. 25:14 TPT) What if there was a level of relationship with Him where we lived completely aware of His presence throughout our day? What if in this place we were so in tune with Holy Spirit that we actually ushered heaven into the atmosphere everywhere we go?

Is it possible to actually be completely whole spirit, soul, and body?

Today my intention is to challenge you to actually believe. To actually believe that these things are possible. Sometimes we don't even know we can believe until someone actually says IT'S POSSIBLE! I'm here to say... IT'S POSSIBLE.

It's possible for you to be free. It's possible for you to be fulfilled! It's possible for you to experience deep intimacy in your marriage, in your family, and in your friendships! It's possible for you to experience more of God than you even knew was available. It's possible for you to be completely free of fear, doubt, anxiety, jealousy, depression, insomnia, etc.

There is more.

Be Blessed, J. Tate