Encourage Reality

“Keep blogging my friend, keep blogging” It was a short and simple text from a friend back at home. I responded and she encouraged me that she’d really been enjoying my blogs of late! Wow. So sweet.

Little did she know it came on a morning that I was feeling quite like a failure.

Let me tell you a story and give you a little insight into my life:

Last night praise and worship was incredible. Holy Spirit just erupted in the place and I danced and danced, cried, and found myself in awe of God. Clearly that took all of my energy because as one of my favorite speakers began to talk on one of my favorite topics (Intimacy with Holy Spirit) I began to nod off and yep, you guessed it, I fell asleep. I was awakened by my roommate during the alter time. OOPS. Then in a half awake and quite hungry state I made the decision to eat at 10 pm (I never do this). My stomach wasn’t a fan of my disillusioned decision which then led to me waking up not feeling too great in the middle of the night. Of course after not sleeping great that led to me waking up late in general (which I HATE). Which this led to me not getting a workout in and also having to shorten my time in the Word. As I began to get ready I ALMOST lost an earring (very special to me) down the drain which caused a temporary panic. Then I walked back into my room to find this text.

The text was a timely reminder that jolted me back into reality. I may feel like a failure, but I’m not. I may feel like the day is ruined, but it’s not. I may feel like I’m the only person in the world who falls asleep in church when Holy Spirit is moving, but I’m not.  I may think that not running this morning is going to cause my pant size to go up, but it’s not. As you allow your mind to dwell on all of the wrongs, failures, mistakes, all of the sudden it can feel like the world is falling apart when in REALITY, it’s not.

One encouraging text enabled Holy Spirit to remind me of all of these Truths.

John 8:32 “… and the Truth will set you free”

The word truth there actually means, REALITY. You will know reality and it will set you free, but what reality is He talking about? The reality of God. If you know the reality of God it will set you free.

Reality is that often our brain wants to make us believe that things are way worse than they are. The enemy wants to convince you that you have failed and therefore you are a failure. He wants you to believe that your situation is unrepairable. He wants you to believe that your husband is the worst case scenario God has ever seen and therefore incapable of change. He wants you to believe that you are such a sinner that God would never use you. He wants you to believe that your life is completely hopeless. The enemy wants you to believe lies, so that you never encounter Truth.

And yet isn’t it incredible that when the Truth comes in, our whole outlook on our situations and our life can change in an instant. We soon realize that actually falling asleep in church doesn’t make me less “holy”, less “approved” by God, or less “loved by God. Isn’t it incredible that with a little encouragement and truth that the things that felt impossible now seem possible. The situations, marriages, relationships, people that seemed hopeless all the sudden you realize nothing is hopeless with God.

We don’t realize that we are conduits of Truth. It was a simple text, but an encouraging text that opened a path for Holy Spirit to usher in Truth.

We don’t know how many people around us are held in bondage to discouragement and lies. They simply haven’t had an encounter with any encouragement and Truth lately.

Take the time to encourage those around you. Speak Truth to them. Remind them of the reality of God. They’re loved, they’re approved, they’re gifted, they have great qualities, they are not alone. Etc. We need more encouraging Truth in the body of Christ. The Truth (reality of God) sets us free.

Be Blessed, J. Tate