Lies We Believe Part 1

I was walking through an art gallery and silently laughing to myself as I was hearing all of the “oohs and ahhs” from fellow visitors. As I looked at each painting, I’ll be honest I could not find out what was so fascinating. Finally I could barely hold it in anymore. I stood in front of the painting that was supposed to be the “grand finale” and I just began to say my thoughts out loud. “This painting is ugly. I don’t understand the point of its existence. Why would anyone create something so ugly and then have the audacity to actually put it on display?”

Just as I finished my little rant I turned to see a man standing there looking at me. In his eyes I could see a little twinge of pain. Almost immediately I realized he must have been the artist.

The question I have for you is, who was more insulted? The painting or the artist?

Okay this story isn’t true, but it does have a point to it.

When we criticize ourselves or others you’re actually not just devaluing the person, but rather you’re insulting the Creator. It should no longer be acceptable to think that we can insult the creation without insulting its Creator.

We should not feel as though confidence is pride. Confidence knows the Truth (God’s reality) of who we are, pride actually thinks we somehow did it ourselves. For too long we have feared pride so much that we allowed the enemy to convince us that it was righteous to self hate and belittle ourselves. In the name of humility we've denied the gifts that God has placed inside of us and been oblivious to the fact that we're actually insulting the One who gave them to us!

As a parent I can't imagine how hurtful it would be to give my child an extravagant gift and then watch her pretend like it wasn't extravagant or worse, deny she didn't even have it. Let me give you an example. If I gave my daughter a beautiful pair of earrings and someone says to her "Your earrings ARE BEAUTIFUL". How would I want her to respond? "Oh these old things, they're alright". Or rather, "THANK YOU SO MUCH, MY MOM GAVE THEM TO ME!!!"

We've been convinced that the humble response to compliments is to pretend like we're not as great as they say we are. How do you think the Father feels about that? HE MADE YOU! He BELIEVES that you are a MASTER PIECE! He has gifted you! If He gave you a gift to sing, to paint, to preach, to prophesy, to encourage, to serve, to __________... we aren't showing humility by denying it!! You show humility by saying MY DADDY GAVE THAT TO ME!!!

Lies we believe: 1) It is humble to talk bad about ourselves. 2) It is humility to deny the gifts God has placed inside of us. 3) We can talk bad about ourselves and others without insulting the Creator that made them.

If you've believed these lies I encourage you to repent for believing lies and replace those with Truth (God's reality). If you want some help with that you can model after this prayer. "Father I repent for believing the lie that ________ and I renounce all attachments I've made with that lie. Father, forgive me and show me your Truth. I believe that Your Word is the Truth, so I believe that I am your workmanship created for GOOD WORKS in Christ Jesus (Eph. 2:10) I believe that I am your child and a co-heir with Christ (Romans 8:17)..."

As you repent for the lies you've believed allow God to come and minister His Truth, His reality to your heart. Many times that will look like scripture and sometimes it will simply be Him coming and speaking to your heart (in line with scripture of course).

It's been stirring in my heart to write some blogs on "lies we believe". This is just part 1 to several more that I will be writing in the weeks ahead. Journey with me as we begin to shed light on the lies that the enemy has used against us!

Be Blessed, J. Tate